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OCT 1, 2021
01/10/21 - In The Spotlight: RHB goes digital with new offering in Singapore
In The Spotlight, host Timothy Go speaks to Coreen Kwan, Head of Retail Banking, RHB about RHB Singapore’s new Orchard Premier Centre and how the bank is reshaping new digital offerings.

OCT 1, 2021
01/10/21 - SGExtra: New office set up to accelerate Singapore's green bond efforts
Finance Minister Lawrence Wong said on Thursday that a new office has been set up to speed up the Government's efforts in the area of green bonds. Mr Wong announced this during his opening address at the Singapore Sustainable Investing and Financing Conference. On SGExtra, host Timothy Go spoke to Prisca Ang, Journalist at The Straits Times to find out more.

OCT 1, 2021
01/10/21 - Assessing a Potential Wall of Worry in the 4th Quarter
More risks and jitters built up for markets by the end of September, leading to some wondering if investors should brace themselves for a "Wall of Worry" in the 4th quarter. Shyam Devani, founder of SAV Markets, joined us on Prime Time to take stock of possible risks from rising interest rates, a potential power shortage across major global economies, and what he's tracking in the equities, fixed income, and FX space.

SEP 30, 2021
30/09/21 - ST: The Big Story, 30 Sep
In The Straits Times’ The Big Story, assistant video editor Olivia Quay spoke to Professor Ooi Eng Eong, from the infectious diseases programme at Duke-NUS Medical School on why he believes that the closure of premises with clusters is "not necessary". He also tells The Big Story that Singapore needs to let go of its past success with Covid-19 in order to move forward to living with an endemic disease.

SEP 30, 2021
30/09/21 - Japan’s ruling party chooses new leader to replace Suga
Japan’s ruling LDP party chose the former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida as their new leader, virtually ensuring that he will become the country’s next prime minister. Prime Time's Rachel Kelly speaks to Stefan Angrick, Senior Economist at Moody’s Analytics who shares what this change in leadership means for Japan and its economy.

SEP 30, 2021
30/09/21 - SGExtra: Uncovering Singapore’s triad trails
Would you go on a tour with ex-gang members in Singapore to find out more about their past and story? Well, one local company has started up a ‘Triad Tour’ to help shine a spotlight on ex-offender reform. In SGExtra, host Rachel Kelly spoke to the tours founder, Melvyn Mak, Co-Founder of Actxplorer, to find out more. 

SEP 29, 2021
29/09/21 - ST: The Big Story, 29 Sep
In The Straits Times’ The Big Story, Assistant Video Editor Olivia Quay spoke to Professor Dale Fisher, a senior infectious diseases consultant at NUH to assess Singapore's current Covid-19 situation as well as the current restrictions in place to bring down the infection numbers.

SEP 29, 2021
29/09/21 - Eco Money: Asean faces $2.7 trillion challenge and opportunity to go green & stay competitive:
Management consultancy Bain & Company, Microsoft and Singapore's Temasek said in a report that South-east Asia has taken the first key steps to shifting to a greener and cleaner economy but it needs S$2.7 trillion of investment this decade to cut emissions and remain competitive globally. In The Spotlight, hosts Timothy Go and Rachel Kelly speak to Gerry Mattios, Expert Partner and co-director, Global Sustainability Innovation Center (GSIC) in Singapore, Bain & Company and Frederick Teo, Managing Director, Sustainable Solutions, Temasek about the recently released Southeast Asia Green Economy Report. 

SEP 29, 2021
29/09/21 - Across the ASEAN: Will the PSEi See Better Days in the 4th Quarter?
The PSEi in Manila defied the broader selloff across the Asia-Pacific and closed out Wednesday with gains. And while sentiment may be improving, there are still lingering COVID-19 uncertainties clouding the Philippines' efforts to reopen, and low vaccination rates still weighing on sentiment. Jonathan Ravelas, Chief Market Strategist for BDO, joined us on Across the ASEAN to share his thoughts on what's next for Philippine markets, and the key risks he's watching out for.

SEP 29, 2021
29/09/21 - Sustainable Singapore: The importance of providing greener solutions in the construction industry
When you think of the construction industry, AI doesn’t naturally spring to mind, but concrete intelligence startup Caidio is using the technology to improve the quality of concrete, which is one of the largest carbon emitters. On Sustainable Singapore, Rhianne Lovell-Boland speaks to Aku Wilenius, CEO of AI and IoT startup, Caidio who shares how technology is helping the construction industry become more sustainable. 

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