Investing for Parents: How to Construct Your Child’s Portfolio | Money Matters

Investing for Parents: How to Construct Your Child's Portfolio | Money Matters


Thinking of constructing an investment portfolio for your child's future? Find out how you can generate passive income from the stock markets and identify valuable, fast-growing companies like the next Google in this edition of Money Matters with Finance Presenter, Ryan Huang and SG Budget Babe, Dawn Cher!

Hosted by

Ryan Huang
MONEY FM 89.3 Finance Presenter

Be kept apprised of the markets and the companies to watch with Finance Presenter Ryan Huang. Together with Elliott Danker & Manisha Tank, get a head start to your day wih insightful discussions as they deep dive into stories and issues that matter the most to you on The Breakfast Huddle on Weekdays 6AM to 9AM on MONEY FM 89.3.

Guest Speaker

Dawn Cher
SG Budget Babe

SG Budget Babe (otherwise known to her followers as Dawn) is Singapore top's personal financial female blogger at over 10 million views and counting. She writes on personal finance issues that strike home for many Singaporeans, including how to save more money, earn extra income, CPF, insurance and investing in the stock market. Check out her website to learn why her readers are such die-hard fans at!

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