How To Build Your S-REIT Portfolio In 2020 | Money Matters

How To Build Your S-REIT Portfolio In 2020 | Money Matters

How do you find the right real estate investment trust to invest in with Phase 2 reopening? What do seasoned investors look out for when analysing earnings? Whether it’s passive income you want or to hear what the rest of 2020 could mean for S-REITs, learn to strategise for minimal loss and maximum gain in this edition of Money Matters with Michelle Martin and guest speaker, Executive Chairman of GCP Global and REIT expert, Gabriel Yap.

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Michelle Martin
MONEY FM 89.3 Presenter

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Guest Speaker

Gabriel Yap
Executive Chairman of GCP Global and REIT expert

As the Executive Chairman of GCP Global, Asia’s Foremost Educator in Real Estate Investment Trust (REITS), Gabriel Yap is well-known as the Investment Guru and the REIT expert, having been regularly interviewed in the local news media. He has also lectured at Asian Development Bank, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Institute of Banking & Finance, SGX, ASME, SIAS and Share Investors.

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7 July 2020
Money and Me: Evaluating the S-REIT space a few weeks after Phase 2
Evaluating the S-REIT space, debating the winners and losers of the market, and summarising the performance of REITs in Phase 2.

2 June 2020
Money and Me: Gabriel Yap on Singapore’s reopening, new legal developments and REITs
As circuit breaker easing begins and the economy slowly re-opens, which REITs could be better investments? In addition, a new bill that could upend traditional landlord tenancy contracts will be discussed in parliament this week, directly impacting office spaces and cash flows. Which REITs are going to be impacted?

6 May 2020
Money and Me: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of S-REITs
Breaking down the S-REIT index and what investors need to know about building their wealth as we transition to opening economies. Which REITs are rising stars? How does a seasoned investor spot trouble or opportunity ahead for REITs?

3 March 2020
Powering Your Property: Singapore REITs & what you need to know
The latest headlines from the property space.

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