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APR 19, 2024
19/04/24 - Bigger Picture: How financially resilient are Singaporeans?
Are Singaporeans financially resilient?  That's a question that the Singapore Investor's Financial Resilience report wanted to demystify.  Echo Zhao, Country Head, Moomoo Singapore, joins Sean Cheong in the studio to walk through some of the findings.  Presented and produced by Sean Cheong Edited by Emaad Akhtar

APR 19, 2024
19/04/24 - Climate Connections: Water might be the secret ingredient to greening batteries!
Quite unsurprisingly, demand for batteries is expected to increase 30% each year until 2030. A greater need for batteries to power more electric vehicles means increased demand for metals like lithium, a finite resource whose extraction has raised ecological and human rights issues.  Lithium mining takes a heavy toll - trees are often cut down to make room for mines, chemicals used in the process can poison waterways, and meanwhile, millions of tonnes of batteries are expected to be decommissioned over the coming decades, creating hazardous waste. But have you ever thought about how sustainable your batteries are?  On this episode of Climate Connections, Justin Hung, CEO & Co-Founder of GRST (which stands for Green, Renewable, Sustainable Technology) and 2023 Earthshot Prize winner shares about the cleaner process he developed to make batteries that pollutes less and uses components that can be more easily recycled. The eco-friendly lithium batteries technology start-up aims to raise US$50 million over the next two years. Feature produced and edited by: Yeo Kai Ting ( Voiced by: Emaad Akhtar Photo credits: Earthshot Prize Music credits: pixabay & its talented community of contributors

APR 19, 2024
19/04/24 - US Markets Wrap: Small caps; bonds; where to invest your inheritance; could Wall Street be mistaken that a recent uptick in inflation is an irregularity as opposed to a longer and more worrying trend?
Brenda Vingiello, Chief Investment Officer, Sand Hill Global Advisors shares her insights on whether Wall Street is mistaken in its hope that a recent uptick in inflation is an irregularity as opposed to a longer and more worrying trend, possible effects of the US, Japan and South Korea consulting closely on foreign exchange market developments, and if the bonds market has the potential to generate positive returns. She also weighs in on whether small cap stocks are on the verge of a negative technical trend, what investors who are deciding where to place their inheritance money in when it comes to investing, and the uncertainties faced by businesses looking for buyers. Presented by: Sean Cheong Producer: Yeo Kai Ting (  Graphics credits: pixabay & its talented community of contributors 

APR 19, 2024
19/04/24 - Mind Your Business: How will eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) take off in Singapore?
In a world grappling with urban congestion and environmental concerns, eVTOL(Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) technology emerges as a beacon of hope for revolutionising urban mobility. With its ability to lift off and land vertically, eVTOL promises efficient, eco-friendly transportation solutions. As investments surge and global interest grows, the stage is set for a transformative shift in how we navigate our cities and regions. Desmond Goh, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Eaton Aerospace sheds light on the potential and possibilities of this groundbreaking innovation. Presented by Emaad Akhtar This podcast is produced and edited by Anthea Ng ( She produces Mind Your Business, Biz-How-To and Breakfast Special segments on the Breakfast Show. Do contact her for topics: C-Suite, SME, Startups, Healthtech, Sustainability, Property, Intergenerational Family Business, Industry Outlook, Fintech and trending businesses in town.

APR 19, 2024
19/04/24 - Breakfast Bites: Let's say your TV is broken. What do you do with it?
E-waste is a growing issue all around the world, with over 62 million tonnes generated in 2022. So what should you do with your broken electronics and appliances? Yes; you should recycle it - but anything with a plug or battery should be handled properly, and not just thrown away with general trash. Audrey and Emaad talk about the multiple ways you can do this: from home collection schemes, to take-back initiatives and collection points all around the island. Presented by Audrey Siek and Emaad Akhtar Produced and edited by Audrey Siek Music credits: Pixabay & its talented community of contributors 

APR 18, 2024
18/04/24 - US Markets Wrap: Do investors' fixed income allocations reflect their expectations for US monetary policy?
Michele Schneider, Chief Strategist at MarketGauge Group shares her insights on whether investors are catching on to the fact that there are other parts of the market that are doing well, if growth stocks not bleeding is the same as leading, what will get gold to $3000 US dollars an ounce besides war. She also weighs in on which sectors are not liking the higher for longer conversation, and whether investors’ fixed income allocations are reflecting their expectations for US monetary policy. Presented by: Sean Cheong Producer: Yeo Kai Ting (  Graphics credits: pixabay & its talented community of contributors 

APR 18, 2024
18/04/24 - Morning Shot: A decisive defeat for South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol & his party?
Just a few weeks short of South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol’s two-year anniversary in his single five-year term, the ruling People Power Party suffered one of the biggest losses in Korean political history. What went wrong and can President Yoon turn things around in his remaining three years in office, with an opposition that is determined more than ever to hinder his legislative initiatives? On this episode of Morning Shot, Dr Ryu Yongwook, Assistant Professor from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS explains. Presented by: Emaad Akhtar  Produced & Edited by: Yeo Kai Ting ( Photo credits: Reuters

APR 18, 2024
18/04/24 - Breakfast Special: Is Taiwan's earthquake the largest in its sequence?
Can you imagine living through more than 500 aftershocks after a strong earthquake?  That was what rocked Taiwan over the past week or so, following a 7.4 magnitude quake that hit Hualien earlier this month - the strongest to hit the region in a quarter-century. But some are worried that this earthquake is not the biggest event in this sequence. Is that a possibility that can be ruled out at this point? On episode of Breakfast Special, Yin Yifan, Seismologist & Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences weighs in. Presented by: Emaad Akhtar & Audrey Siek Produced & Edited by: Yeo Kai Ting ( Photo credits: AFP

APR 18, 2024
18/04/24 - Breakfast Bites: World's weirdest museums, featuring toilets, human hair and ramen!
What better way to celebrate a country's cultural heritage than through a museum? There are plenty of wonderful exhibitions, collections and archives that one can find in these museums. But those discussed by Emaad and Audrey on World Heritage Day are far from conventional. Ever heard of a museum for toilets? How about ramen? Or hair? Tune in to this edition of Breakfast Bites to learn more! Presented by Emaad Akhtar and Audrey Siek Produced and edited by Emaad Akhtar Music credits: Pixabay & its talented community of contributors 

APR 18, 2024
18/04/24 - Bigger Picture: Should investors turn to fixed income instruments and bonds?
How should investors adjust their portfolios, particularly in the area of fixed income? Sean Cheong discusses this with Gershon Distenfeld, Director of Income Strategies, AllianceBernstein, as well as how investors should approach investing in bonds, especially when there are money-market funds offering yields of about 5% or more. Presented and produced by Sean Cheong

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