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MAR 21, 2023
21/03/23 - Why It Matters: How can Companies and Governments move towards a more sustainable future
A recent report by BloombergNEF revealed that global low-carbon energy technology investment has surpassed $1 trillion for the first time – highlighting the growing demand and investment in clean energy solutions. Thomas Baudlot, CEO Energy Solutions APAC and Country Head Southeast Asia, ENGIE South East Asia explains how Companies and Governments alike are looking for ways to power up energy transition and move towards a more sustainable future?

MAR 20, 2023
20/03/23 - Why It Matters: What Gen Z and millennials want from the metaverse
The metaverse has captivated the interest of both organisations investing in it and consumers who crave more immersive and personalised experiences.  Its growing popularity has sparked waves of innovation and creativity in the development of the next generation of the internet. Zoe Cocker, Director, Yahoo Creative Studio and Premium Sales explains why there is still so much to learn about what consumers truly understand, expect and want from the metaverse.

MAR 20, 2023
20/03/23 - Mind Your Business: From the Courtroom to the Corner Office - What was the AHHA moment that made a former lawyer leave the legal profession?
After years of studying law, obtaining a legal degree and practising law, what would make someone call it quits just after 2.5 years in the legal profession? What was the AHHA moment?  What were some of the sacrifices that one has to make in order to make that career switch and to get to the top of where he is today? On Mind Your Business's C-Suite conversation today, Lyn Lee Foo and Ryan Huang speak with Kevin Coppel, Managing Director at Knight Frank, to share his story on why his passion was not in law, but in management and how he worked his way strategically to be a MD of one of the top real estate companies today.

MAR 20, 2023
20/03/23 - Bigger Picture: FOMC in focus amid banking sector turmoil
Matt Taylor, Senior Director, FTI Consulting discusses how the US Federal Reserve will balance between financial and price stability when it makes its interest rate policy decision this week.

MAR 20, 2023
20/03/23 - Morning Shot: Is a nuclear test by North Korea on the horizon?
Tensions on the Korean peninsula are rising once again, with North Korea firing at least four rounds of missiles over the past week, in response to the 11-day joint military drills between the US and South Korea. Dr Bong Young-shik, Research Fellow at the Yonsei University Institute for North Korean Studies assesses if the situation is unprecedented and how concerned the region should be.

MAR 17, 2023
17/03/23 - Mind Your Business: Chat with GPT4 - Is A.I. now a required skill in your resume?
From ChatGPT to GPT4 - this is like the good old days of computer and smartphone upgrades too. From 286 processor to iCore9, from iPhone 1 to iPhone 14 today. Where is the A.I. version going to go? Plus, a Tokyo-based company has actually advertised that recruits will need to know Open A.I.'s sensation chatbot. Will this be a required skill in your resume in the near future? On Mind Your Business today, Lyn Lee Foo and Ryan Huang speak with Associate Professor Donny Soh, Programme Leader of BSc (Hons) Applied Artificial Intelligence, Singapore Institute of Technology, on what the latest GPT4 can do and what it means for jobs as well as the higher education sector. Talking points: 1.46 : What is the key difference between GPT4 and its predecessor? 2.26 : What are the limitations to this new version? 2.51 : Agree or disagree quiz on the human traits that GPT4 can replace  7.07 : Does A.I. generated products be copyrighted? 10.06 : Why did ChatGPT fail our PSLE exam? How will the education sector evolve with A.I. tech?

MAR 17, 2023
17/03/23 - Morning Shot: Is an 'Omurice Diplomacy' on the cards for South Korea and Japan?
Is an ‘omurice diplomacy’ on the cards as Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida hosts South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol to Tokyo for a two-day visit? If you're wondering why omurice, fun fact: After the official meetings, the two leaders are expected to continue talking - over omurice (or omelette rice) at the 128-year-old restaurant Rengatei. It’s the first visit by a South Korean leader to Japan in 12 years, but it be enough to turn the page on years of animosity? Dr Ryu Yongwook, Assistant Professor at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS shares his perspective. [Find Us on Podcast Platforms] Awedio | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | OmnyStudio [Contact Us] Presenters: Lynlee Foo Producer: Yeo Kai Ting (

MAR 17, 2023
17/03/23 - Bigger Picture: Sharp turnaround for Asian bonds in past quarter
Guan Yi Low, Head of Fixed Income, Asia Pacific, M&G Investments discusses why she expects most Asian central banks to end the rate hike cycle this quarter, and which Asian bonds are the most compelling options now.

MAR 17, 2023
17/03/23 - Why It Matters: Sleep deprived? Here's how to nurture more productive workers in Singapore
As many of us are well aware, a lack of sleep can affect our physical, mental and social wellbeing.  Did you know that Singaporeans have also been found to be the most fatigued in the world? That’s according to a research paper that puts us ahead of countries like China and Japan which have been known as traditional breeding grounds for workaholics. Tan Hwee Hoon, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour & Human Resources at the Lee Kong Chian School Of Business, Singapore Management University shares her insights on the importance of sleep and what organisations can do to nurture a more rested and productive workforce. 

MAR 16, 2023
16/03/23 - Bigger Picture: Japanese yen to benefit in aftermath of SVB collapse
Shaun Lim, FX Strategist, Maybank Singapore discusses why traders may want to short USDJPY as pressure weighs on the greenback in the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank's collapse.

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