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NOV 30, 2023
30/11/23 - Euro Watch: How 2,500-year-old Parthenon sculptures sparked a row between UK & Greece
Greece has accused Britain of showing "a lack of respect" by abruptly cancelling a meeting between their leaders at short notice in a dispute over ancient Greek sculptures brought to Britain in the early 19th century. What are the Parthenon Sculptures at the centre of the row between Britain and Greece? How will this dispute reflect on British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at a time when the UK is still in the grip of a cost-of-living crisis?  Cedomir Nestorovic, Professor of Geopolitics, ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific breaks it down for us on Euro Watch.

NOV 30, 2023
30/11/23 - Why It Matters: Why talented workers are flocking to Switzerland and Singapore
Switzerland is once again the world's most talent-competitive country, followed by Singapore, according to INSEAD's 2023 Global Talent Competitiveness Index.  How have the world's most talent competitive countries competed to attract and nurture talent over the past decade? What are the lessons we can take away from the talent landscape and what is the outlook for talent competitiveness in the years to come?  Felipe Monteiro, Co-author and Academic Director of the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2023 and Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy, INSEAD explains. 

NOV 30, 2023
30/11/23 - Culture Club: Trends set to shape the future of hospitality design in 2024 and beyond
With the resurgence of global travel following the pandemic, our global perspective is more important than ever. Common to all our global work: experiences come first – personality-forward for our brand operators and tailored for unique experiences that speak to their brands and the local context. What opportunities do these post-pandemic hospitality trends present for architects and designers? We pose this question to Patrick Fejer, CEO of B+H Architects. Meanwhile, landing in Singapore after almost a decade, the World Architecture Festival is launching its 2023 edition at the Marina Bay Sands between November 29 and December 1, 2023. Patrick gives us a peek into this year's program.

NOV 30, 2023
30/11/23 - Under the Radar: Glints’ Co-founder Ying Cong Seah sheds light on the growing demand of cross border talent and what this means for the startup’s strategy ahead
Building a talent ecosystem to help the 120 million professionals in Southeast Asia grow their careers. Well, that’s the aspiration and the mission of our guest for today Glints. Founded in 2015, Glints is a recruitment platform that allows organisations to hire the right talent from anywhere in Southeast Asia.  With operations spanning across key markets such as Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, the firm has so far empowered over 3 million talent and supported 50,000 organisations in realising their human potential.  And according to a Tech In Asia report, the firm had in September registered “record-high” revenues in the 2022 financial year of S$45.4 million, an 85% year-on-year increase.  Glints attributed this to growing demand for cross border talent. This comes as firms become more willing to hunt for talent outside of their head offices.  But why is this the case? What bearing will this have on Glints’ strategy to acquire talent within Southeast Asia, and how far will this trend continue to drive Glint’s business looking ahead? On Under the Radar, The Evening Runway’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian posed these questions to Ying Cong Seah, Co-founder, Glints.

NOV 30, 2023
30/11/23 - Culture Club: A Christmas tree without branches or leaves? Millenia Walk's twist to the Holidays
As an antithesis to usual Christmas celebrations with fabricated tree structures, Millenia Walk is encouraging a Singapore-first, eco-friendly Christmas celebration this year as part of the Millenia Walk Christmas With Our Trees initiative and its ongoing sustainability efforts.  This includes showcasing a 7-metre-tall Christmas tree made entirely out of 5.5 tonnes of salvaged wood in the form of “shelves” from our local felled trees.  Melanie Yeap, Head of Retail for the Pontiac Land Group and Quek Shian Pin, General Manager, Timber Actually share more about the inspiration behind the initiative as well as the importance of upcycling our local felled trees.

NOV 30, 2023
30/11/23 - Why It Matters: How will Sydney’s luxury property market hold up in 2024?
Among cities ranked as the world’s best for annual prime property price growth, three in the top 12 are Australian, according to Knight Frank’s Prime Global Cities Index Q3 2023 which tracked the movement of 46 luxury residential markets worldwide. Given it's potential in 2023, how will Sydney’s luxury property market play out in 2024? What does it mean for international investors here in Singapore? Alex Adams, Head of Sales and Marketing, Aqualand and Nerida Consibee, Economist share their insights. 

NOV 29, 2023
29/11/23 - Market View: Fed Governor Christopher Waller’s comments; Berkshire’s Charlie Munger died aged 99; Manulife US Reit’s recapitalisation plan; Chinese stock investors ploughing money into ETFs at fastest pace on record; TikTok reportedly in process of obtaining e-commerce permit from Indonesia’s government
Singapore shares started trading in positive territory today, tracking gains in the US and Europe markets. In early trade, the Straits Times Index (STI) was up by 0.5 per cent at 3,220.76 points as 51.3 million securities changed hands in the broader market. In terms of companies to watch, we have Manulife US Reit, after it requested a trading halt this morning after releasing details of its recapitalisation plan, along with additional plans to reduce the Reit’s leverage.  Elsewhere from Chinese investors ploughing money into ETFs to the death of Warren Buffet’s right-hand man Charlie Munger, more international headlines remain in focus.  On Market View, The Evening Runway’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian dived into the details with Jeff Ng, Head of Asia Macro Strategy, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.

NOV 29, 2023
29/11/23 - Regional Roundup: Is rejuvenation key to PKR's success moving forward?
From highlights to the recently concluded Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) annual congress to Malaysia and Thailand looking to enhance their cooperation to proper economic growth.  Dr Mustafa Izzuddin, Senior International Affairs Analyst, Solaris Strategies Singapore gives us an analysis of those headlines and more. 

NOV 29, 2023
29/11/23 - Under the Radar: Will Neopets see its heyday again after a management buyout?
You might have played Tamagotchi before, but for some of us who grew up in the early 2000s, we went for Neopets. Founded in 1999, Neopets is an immersive, web-based pet game where we raise our virtual pets, collect free items under the Money Tree, and of course, haggle for goods with virtual shopkeepers and get chased off for making an unreasonable bargain.  The online game was a hit back then. According to Mashable, the game saw 25 million users at its peak. A lot has changed since, and Mashable said the firm saw daily active users worldwide shrunk to just 100,000 by 2017.  Some of the mini-games on the website have also become unplayable after the discontinuation of the Adobe Flash Software in 2020.  Internally, the firm has also seen multiple changes to its ownership, from being owned by Viacom, the parent company of Nickelodeon, in 2005, to JumpStart Games in 2014, and thereafter by NetDragon after it acquired JumpStart Games. And when JumpStart Games closed this June, the firm became independent after an undisclosed management buyout deal. Its new management now wants to change things up by restoring minigames and doubling down on the use of intellectual property in merchandise. It wants to bring lapsed players back into Neopia, and capitalise on the nostalgia former users had for Neopets.  But how sustainable is nostalgia as a value proposition, and will it be heyday again for Neopets? On Under the Radar, The Evening Runway’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian posed these questions to Dominic Law, CEO, Neopets.

NOV 28, 2023
28/11/23 - Sports Minutes: Reviewing the thrills & spills of the 2023 F1 Season
As the 2023 F1 season came to a close, we look back on the campaign that was dominated by Max Verstappen - who clinched 19 of 23 race wins to seal an emphatic third world title. F1 Analyst Matthew Marsh is in the hot seat to give us his hot takes, including his pick on best & worst in class for the year. Got a story to tell? Get in touch with us! |

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