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Michelle Martin speaks with financial advisors on how to make the most of your money. Learn how to get started,  manage your expenses and start your smart money investment journey today. 

SEP 26, 2022
26/09/22 - Money and Me: Financial planning tips for people in the sandwich generation
Her baby was diagnosed as Singapore’s the seventh case of a rare congenital heart defect. Mabel Tan, Financial Services Director, Great Eastern shares how the experience has come to shape her approach to financial planning. She also shares strategies that the sandwiched generation can use to approach financial planning.

SEP 23, 2022
23/09/22 - Money and Me:  Should you buy a house or start investing when rates are rising and markets are in a funk ?
If mortgages keep rising is now the time to make a big buy in property? For first time investors, what do they need to know about wading into the market? Send this onto a young person who wants to up their financial game. Michelle Martin discusses these questions and more with Nicole Ng, Head of Learning and Partnerships, The Simple Sum. 

SEP 22, 2022
22/09/22 - Money and Me: Overview of US Fed rate hike, SPACs bleak future and all you need to know about Quadruple witching hour
Michelle Martin and Arun Pai, Investments Team, Monks Hill Ventures examine the ramifications of the US's Fed rate hike of 75 basis points & question the 2% inflation target. They also discuss if the thriving days of SPACs are in question and how quadruple witching affects the stock markets. 

SEP 21, 2022
21/09/22 - Money and Me: Better than cash, less risk than equities, what are your investor options?
Given Singapore's core inflation rate rising to 4.8% in July - with no signs of slowing down - where should we park our money today? And what are some options for us to engage in low-risk cash preservation in this market of uncertainty? Be sure not to miss this episode of Money and Me as Michelle Martin takes a deep dive into these questions with Elijah Lee, Financial Services Manager, Phillip Securities. 

SEP 20, 2022
20/09/22 - Money and Me: Where are funds with a mandate to invest in Asia moving?
Where are the Asian and global funds moving towards in Asia? As investors search for great companies today in Asia, what data points worth considering? Michelle Martin speaks with Herald van der Linde, Head of Equity Strategy, Asia Pacific, HSBC & Author of Asia’s Stock Markets from the Ground Up to find out.

SEP 19, 2022
19/09/22 - Money and Me: How ETF investors navigate the long shadow of recessionary times
For investors searching for income and stability amidst expectations of the Fed clocking another big rate hike this Wednesday, are there hidden places of value to be found within the galaxy of ETF"s or exchange traded funds? Michelle Martin and Tim Phillips, Head of Content & Investment Lead for ProsperUs, CGS-CIMB Securities discuss the possibilities.

SEP 16, 2022
16/09/22 - Money and Me: What could unitholders responsible for FHT’s failed privatisation bid  be holding out for?
Frasers Hospitality Trust, suffered a 24 percent dip in share prices after a $1.35 billion proposal to take the trust private fell through.. The privatisation offer seemed generous enough,– at a 7 per cent premium to net asset value (NAV) But earlier this week, the global hotel and serviced residence trust clocked in 74.88 percent of shareholder votes who were in favour of the proposal, narrowly missing the 75 per cent needed for the resolution to pass. Many market watchers were surprised including our guest Kenny Loh, REIT Specialist and Independent Financial Advisor. We find out why and ask if hospitality Reits listed in Singapore - which have seen a remarkable revival in fortunes-  can continue their march forward. Michelle Martin and Kenny Loh also take a closer look at the S-reit landscape month-on-month performance across sectors.  

SEP 15, 2022
15/09/22 - Money and Me: The Ethereum merge is today. What is it? What does mean for the market and investors?
This week is expected to be a big week for the cryptocurrency market, with the Ethereum Merge scheduled to commence today! What does this mean for the supply and demand for Ether?  Meanwhile, the release of latest US consumer price index (CPI) data has seen a sharp decline in the crypto market, with Bitcoin plunging over 10% on the same day. Are exchanges feeling the pressure? Michelle Martin asks Vijay Ayyar, VP Corporate Development & Global Expansion, Luno.

SEP 14, 2022
14/09/22 - Money and Me: How to make the best financial decision for your family?
Dads are traditionally known to take on a load of responsibilities in this day and age. But what do modern dads think the role of the family can be when it comes to prioritizing financially? Michelle Martin speaks to Bryan Tan, CEO, Centre for Fathering, Dads for Life and Moms for Life as he shares the blueprint of how we should financially plan for our family and savvy tips to ensure financial success in this period of uncertainty. 

SEP 8, 2022
08/09/22 - Money and Me: Banks have been hiking savings and fixed deposit rates; why?
Why are local banks hiking their interest rates for savings accounts now? And what does the latest escalation of the EU's energy crisis mean for investors and companies in Europe? Michelle Martin asks Arun Pai, Investments Team, Monks Hill Ventures. 

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