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Michelle Martin speaks with financial advisors on how to make the most of your money. Learn how to get started,  manage your expenses and start your smart money investment journey today. 

JAN 26, 2023
26/01/23 - Money and Me: On tankers and other less than obvious plays to cash in on macro trends for 2023
Wondering what the NYSE glitch means for retail investors? Banks, REITS and high quality bonds seem to be what analysts favor, what are your options beyond Singapore? Arun Pai, Investments Team, Monks Hill Ventures weighs in, in conversation with Michelle Martin

JAN 25, 2023
25/01/23 - Money and Me: Who has a right to this property?
What can be contested and who benefits when you buy property in another person’s name? Michelle Martin chats with Justin Chan, Senior Partner & Head, Dispute Resolution Practice Tito Isaac & Co LLP to understand scenarios that can unfold when buying a house through a trust or on the basis of trust.

JAN 20, 2023
20/01/23 - Money and Me: She bought her first house at 19 and takes us to Money School
Lacey Filipich won a lottery of sorts with her late mother's money lessons. The award winning author and founder of Money School tells Michelle Martin, it’s not more money that we should be aiming for if we want to be time and asset rich. 

JAN 19, 2023
19/01/23 - Money and Me: Key themes driving markets in 2023
Will inflation continue to be the theme that drives market movements this year? And is the bond market poised for a recovery in 2023? Michelle Martin asks Cheng Chye Hsern, Head of Investment, Providend. 

JAN 18, 2023
18/01/23 - Money and Me: ChatGPT takes a question, US Banks earnings, and what does Ryan Cohen want Alibaba to do?
As we head into 2023, are opportunities different in the stock market as compared to 2022? Do the latest US banks earnings results provide any indication of the overall health of the US economy? And why is Microsoft making a 10 billion dollar bet on ChatGPT? Michelle Martin poses these questions and more to Swapnil Mishra, Founder, WealthZen & Adjunct Mentor, Singapore Management University

JAN 17, 2023
17/01/23 - Money and Me: Besides tourism what other sectors stand to benefit from the return of the Chinese tourist in Singapore and the region?
After 3 years of being cutoff from the rest of the world, airlines, hotels and even luxury business are now preparing themselves from the pent up demand from the reopening of China’s economy.  Michelle Martin dives into conversation with Darren Chan, Research Analyst, Phillip Securities Research as they discuss what the return of Chinese tourists would mean for Singapore’s tourism sector and the possible beneficial economic ripple effects investors need to take note of. 

JAN 16, 2023
16/01/23 - Money and Me: Do emerging market equities offer attractive entry points in 2023?
What impact could China’s reopening have on regional market economies? And to what extent will it influence the overall emerging market outlook for the rest of this year? Michelle Martin asks Philip Waters, CEO, APAC and Emerging Markets, OANDA

JAN 13, 2023
13/01/23 - Money and Me: Go where the eyeballs are. What marketers can learn from what Grab knows about it’s audience.
Did you know, the largest single Grab food order in 2022 amounted to a staggering $992.48! Today on Money and Me, Michelle Martin speaks to Jennie Johnson, Head of Marketing, GrabAds about where Singaporeans are putting money when making orders on Grab and some trends businesses need to know to supercharge their sales! 

JAN 12, 2023
12/01/23 - Money and Me: Leaders should coach and here is how.
Could a new approach to leadership help your organisation deal with the ‘Great Resignation?’. Today on Money and Me, Michelle Martin finds out what it takes to fortify antifragility in organisations, and if the leader-coach can be a force that disrupts the Great Resignation with Dr Henry Toi, Author of Think, Coach, Thrive! 

JAN 11, 2023
11/01/23 - Money and Me: Earning passive income in 2023
So you want to expand your portfolio of dividend stocks but are wondering how the US Fed's management of rates - particularly in the second half of 2023- could impact the companies on your list, Michelle Martin asks Tim Phillips, Head of Content & Investment Lead for ProsperUs, CGS-CIMB Securities, to break down a simple dividend investment strategy for the year.

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