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Michelle Martin speaks with financial advisors on how to make the most of your money. Learn how to get started,  manage your expenses and start your smart money investment journey today. 

DEC 1, 2023
01/12/23 - Money and Me: The $120k Credit Card segment; how to decide which is best for you
On Money and Me, Michelle Martin invites Tim Phillips, Founder, TimTalksMoney to discuss cracking the credit card premier segment, if a headwind for crypto is easing and how to think through your dividend stock picks.

NOV 30, 2023
30/11/23 - Money and Me: Charlie Munger’s legacy, US Fed potential pivot, Asia-Pacific equity markets 2024 bright spots
Arun Pai, Investments Team, Monk’s Hill Ventures shares a great book recommendation that Michele believes all investors must have (preorder on ibooks for 5 Dec 23). Arun also shares his personal take on the greatest investing lessons from Charlie Munger. Then, Michelle and Arun discuss the outlook for US Fed cut interest rates in 2024 and which country's stock markets show reason to cheer in 2024? 

NOV 29, 2023
29/11/23 - Money and Me: The Tao of Trading
What does Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and successful trading have in common? Can you really learn what you need to know to trade options in weeks? Michelle Martin meets the author of The Tao of Trading Simon Ree to find out how you can trade like a pro and build abundant wealth in any market condition.

NOV 28, 2023
28/11/23 - Money and Me: $566,000 to feel financially free?
Who in Singapore is certain they can retire on their terms and when they want to? Who has additional income sources? Which age group is least confident about financial freedom in Singapore and why? Michelle Martin finds out with Adriana Chia, Vice President, CX and Research, Singlife

NOV 27, 2023
27/11/23 - Money and Me : What Binance's woes could mean for the industry and crypto shares
Outflows from Binance amounted to more than $1 billion not including bitcoin, according to data from blockchain analysis firm Nansen, 24 hours after founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao stepped down and pleaded guilty in a deal with the Department of Justice.  What does the historic Binance settlement mean for the wider crypto industry? Michelle Martin finds out with Markus Thielen, Head of Research and Strategy for Matrixport

NOV 27, 2023
27/11/23 - Money and Me: Novelship has raised close to 20 Million USD, so what's next for this Singapore start-up?
His own mother was once skeptical of his teenage business plans, but Novelship along with its Co-Founder and CEO have come a long way since. The once bootstrapped, Singapore start-up, has raised millions and is eyeing South East Asian expansion as well as a whole new surprising slice of the demographic pie. How do you grow a sneaker business? Michelle Martin finds out with Richard Xia, Co-Founder and CEO of Novelship.

NOV 24, 2023
24/11/23 - Money and Me:  Career transitions, why they are key to finding meaning in life and how to make one
He went from SAF to PMO , private sector consulting and now educates people on how to make use property investing to build income streams.   Daniel Sim, Founder of Born Poor Die Rich, joins Michelle Martin for this enlightening session on making your career dreams a reality.

NOV 23, 2023
23/11/23 - Money and Me: 5 Singapore stocks to own today!
The recent numbers reported by Singapore stocks for the third quarter of 2023 have been quite a mixed bag. But perhaps this presents us an opportunity to search for operationally resilient S-REITs that we can consider in our portfolios! Dan Koh invites Willie Keng, Founder, Dividend Titan to discuss 5 resilient Singapore stocks that is worth a second look today.  

NOV 22, 2023
22/11/23 - Money and Me: A Deputy CEO on money and meaning
Michelle Martin and Irene Ho, Deputy CEO of Finexis discuss money, meaning, mentorship and personal excellence.

NOV 21, 2023
21/11/23 - Money and Me: Famously Frugal and Time-Conscious; What did Singapore’s First Finance Minister rely on to shape Singapore economically?
As one of the founding fathers of Singapore, Goh Keng Swee played a crucial role in shaping Singapore's economic development. However, despite his enormous legacy, few Singaporeans seem to know much about him. Michelle Martin invites Felix Cheong & Cheah Sinann, Creators of "Goh Keng Swee: A Singaporean for All Seasons" to dive deep into Dr Goh Keng Swee’s values, money philosophy and approach to life.  Also joining the conversation is Tan Siok Sun, Author of Goh Keng Swee: A Portrait.

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