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Michelle Martin speaks with financial advisors on how to make the most of your money. Learn how to get started,  manage your expenses and start your smart money investment journey today. 

MAY 19, 2022
19/05/22 - Money and Me: What is stagflation and should you be worried?
How has Elon Musk backfooting on Twitter impacted the way its shares are being traded? And as we take a look at the broader market, have we finally experienced the lows of the year? Michelle Martin gets an overview with Arun Pai, Investments Team, Monk's Hill Ventures.

MAY 18, 2022
18/05/22 - Money and Me: What is an investor to do facing rising rates, recession risk and dollar strength?
We decipher the Fed's May moves and discuss how an investor can best position for success given the current market situation. Michelle Martin also asks Cheng Chye Hsern to share his inflationary outlook.

MAY 17, 2022
17/05/22 - Money and Me: Riding the "mindfulness wave" to starting a business
From former naval officer and sailor to entrepreneur banking on the business of stress reduction. Michelle Martin asks Han Ee how entrepreneurs who want to build a business based on the idea of a global community can get started. Learn also some ways practices to reduce stress in this chat with Lim Han Ee, Founder, The Mindful Village.

MAY 13, 2022
13/05/22 - Money and Me : CPF LIFE: What are your choices?
What decisions could you take if you wanted to maximise your benefits from CPF Life? How different is it from a private annuity? Michelle Martin finds out with Christopher Tan, CEO of Providend.

MAY 12, 2022
12/05/22 - Money & Me: The rental SG market is hot, is overseas property investing still relevant?
Michelle Martin and Daniel Sim, Founder of Born Poor Die Rich, discuss if building revenue streams from overseas properties should be an essential part of a new model for moving onwards and upwards in Singapore.

MAY 11, 2022
11/05/22 - Money & Me: Nio's recent listing, Looking at utility stocks, AirBNB revenge travel plans
What is catching investors' attention about Nio’s listing in Singapore? Michelle Martin speaks to Tim Phillips, Head of Content at ProsperUS, to also get his take on Home Depot, Lowe, and Accenture and if revenge travel will be a meaningful driver for AirBNB. 

MAY 10, 2022
10/05/22 - Money & Me: “Don’t lose money in future!” How to teach kids money savvy habits for life.
Michelle Martin speaks to Will Rainey, author of Grandpa's Fortune Fables and founder of Blue Tree Savings, about educating children to keep rather than lose money to scams, gambling and bad habits.

MAY 9, 2022
09/05/22 - Money and Me : Can a powder shampoo save the earth and be a profitable brand?
Can a powder shampoo save the earth and be a profitable brand? She's set up her own factory in Singapore to create the kind of shampoo that as an eco-warrior she thought was missing from the market. Michelle Martin finds out about the costs involved in starting your own brand from scratch in conversation with the founder of The Powder Shampoo, Lynn Tan.

MAY 6, 2022
06/05/22 - Money and Me: With equities pressured and bonds depressed. How should investors think about positioning?
Michelle Martin speaks with Swapnil Mishra, Adjunct Mentor, Singapore Management University to find out how investors are approaching positioning should inflation peak and what this means for safe haven assets including Bitcoin. Has the virtual space been spared the market turmoil?

MAY 5, 2022
05/05/22 - Money & Me: The Fed’s rate hike and why markets cheered. The fate of China stocks and what do investors think of Musk's takeover of Twitter?
Michelle Martin speaks with Arun Pai about the Fed’s recent hike and if it’s soothed market jitters, whether he is positive on Chinese equities given the lockdowns and signals of China’s economy slowing. They also discuss what Musk running Twitter could mean for the company moving forward.

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