UOB: ASEAN Conversations

UOB: ASEAN Conversations

A 5-part interview series in various topics circling ASEAN consumer sentiments and trends

Tune in to Breakfast with Lynlee Foo and Ryan Huang for the latest episode.

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5. Year-end travel and lifestyle trends

In this episode of UOB ASEAN Conversations, Tan Min Yeow, Head of Singapore Cards and Payments, UOB, sheds light on how ASEAN consumers are shaping their preferences for travel and lifestyle for this year end period, and how UOB has tailored its strategies to stay relevant.

4. Role of UOB as a connector and catalyst

In this episode of UOB ASEAN Conversations, Frederick Chin, Head of Group Wholesale Banking and Markets, UOB, discusses the role of UOB as a connector and catalyst for companies targeting growth in ASEAN.

3. How can ASEAN businesses innovate through human capital?

In this episode of UOB ASEAN Conversations, Ian Wong, Managing Director, Group International Management, UOB, discusses how businesses across the ASEAN region can drive innovation and sustainability through investing in human capital, as new challenges emerge post-pandemic.

2. How UOB stand ready to support businesses' global expansion aspirations?

In this episode of UOB ASEAN Conversations, we turn our attention to the findings of the UOB Business Outlook Study 2023, a comprehensive survey that engaged with over 4,000 businesses across Asia.

The study unveiled a staggering statistic: an overwhelming 83% of businesses are eagerly seeking to venture into foreign markets as a means to propel their revenue and profit growth. However, this exciting prospect comes with its fair share of challenges.

To unravel these challenges and gain valuable insights, Eric Lian, Head of Group Commercial Banking at UOB sheds light on the obstacles faced by businesses and shares how UOB is poised to support their expansion plans effectively.

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1. What does the growing importance of ESG investing impact businesses and individuals?

ESG has become an increasingly popular approach to investing in recent years.

In our special episode on sustainability brought to you by UOB ASEAN Conversation, Lyn Lee Foo and Ryan Huang speak with Adrian Ow, Head of Business Enablers & ESG Solutions, UOB, on the growing importance of ESG investing for both businesses and individuals, the benefits it can offer to both investors and society, and how investors can navigate the ESG landscape.

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4. Fueling the resurgence of ASEAN travel post Covid-19

As we enter the year-end travel season, ASEAN is seeing a resurgence in travel as borders are reopening and the region continues its recovery from Covid-19. At the same time, customers are becoming more digitally savvy and are expecting their digital journeys to be seamless, simple, and integrated, allowing them to perform transactions of different natures, such as banking and lifestyle within a single platform. We speak to Jacquelyn Tan, Head, Group Personal Financial Services, UOB who shares more on how the bank plans to support its customers in their travelling ambitions to fuel the region’s recovery.

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3. UOB sets sights on being No. 1 in cross-border trade needs in ASEAN

UOB is a name that needs no further introduction. And now the bank has set sights on being number one in cross-border trade needs in ASEAN.UOB is planning to do so by investing about S$500 million to build regional platforms for cash management, supply chain management, and payments, as it aims to be number one on this specific front.We speak to Mr Frederick Chin, Head of Group Wholesale Banking and Markets, UOB  who shares more on UOB’s plans to be number one in cross-border trade needs in ASEAN.

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2. UOB Helping SMEs With Their Business Growth

As countries across ASEAN reopen their borders and reinstate quarantine-free travel, business optimism among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is steadily growing.  A survey conducted by UOB, Accenture and Dun & Bradstreet found that 55 percent of them are optimistic about business growth. Lawrence Loh, Head of Group Business Banking, UOB  shared more details of the findings from the survey and how UOB aims to help SMEs in their growth journey.

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1. ASEAN Consumers Becoming More Digital And What It Means For UOB

Convenience is king and convenience is also what you would expect from financial services platforms. And for UOB, that means leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to empower customers through its mobile banking app TMRW. Kevin Lam, Head of TMRW & Group Digital Banking, UOB shared more about the significance behind UOB's push for personalisation on UOB TMRW, and how he expects the future of digital banking to evolve in the coming years ahead.

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