MONEY FM 89.3 x SPD for Diversity and Inclusion

MONEY FM 89.3 x SPD for Diversity and Inclusion

As part of an initiative to promote diversity and inclusion, MONEY FM 89.3 is raising funds to support SPD’s programme that equips adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at SPD’s Day Activity Centre (DAC) with necessary skills to achieve greater independence and self-reliance, thereby enabling them to participate more meaningfully in the community.

Since 2018, the SPD Day Activity Centre has expanded its enrolment to serve adults with ASD. People with ASD often have problems with social, emotional, & communication skills. They may repeat certain behaviours and may not want change in their daily activities. They also have different ways of learning, paying attention or reacting to things. To improve their quality of life and independence, SPD training officers conduct a series of activities that taps on their strengths to increase their basic skills. They are engaged in meaningful activities such as diamond art that has extended their ability to concentrate on a work task and follow instructions.

From now till 31 March 2022, donors who have contributed to $50 & above will receive a MONEY FM 89.3 branded umbrella as a token of our appreciation (for the first 100 redemptions).

Even better, follow us on Facebook and comment on the video below to win 2 genuine leather tech rolls – lovingly crafted by the artisans of SPD – worth $55 each!

We thank you for your donation to SPD.


LISTEN | SPD addresses key concerns for people with disabilities

According to parents, therapists and special education teachers, support for students with special needs has grown in the past years. However, those that The Straits Times spoke to adds that while special needs education has received more focus over the years, there is a need for more work and education opportunities for adults with special needs. Lee Hui Lin, Assistant Director of Adult & Elderly Services, SPD shares more about the kind of support people with disabilities need and what more can be done to include diversity and inclusion for people with disabilities.

Download the podcast.

About SPD

SPD is a local charity set up in 1964 to help people with disabilities maximise their potential and be a part of mainstream society. SPD helps children and youths with special needs reach for the stars and be the best that they can be through early intervention and educational support. We strive to boost the self-reliance and mobility of persons with disabilities within the community, and we do so through therapy services, assistive technology and the support and encouragement of our care team. Our day care programmes provide respite to families, making it possible for persons with disabilities to stay with their loved ones at home for as long as possible without having to resort to institutional care. A strong advocate for inclusive employment, we train people with disabilities and work with them to seek suitable employment opportunities so that they can be financially independent and lead a full and engaged life. After more than 50 years, SPD remains focused and committed to enabling people with disabilities.

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