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K-Wave with Hongbin Jeong


Episode 40: K-travel: The gems outside of Seoul

There’s a lot more to South Korea than its capital - Seoul.

Whether it's a trip to see the history, alongside the countryside, or to one of the many gorgeous mountains, if you’re looking to travel to South Korea soon, here are some other cities you may want to check out to get the full experience of Korea and Korean culture.

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Episode 39: K-food: The meaning behind your favourite Korean food

When it comes to traditional foods - Koreans believe that food should be harmonious.

But did you know that some Korean dishes actually have a meaning behind them? In fact, there different foods for certain occasions including birthdays, public holidays, and even before a big exam, Koreans traditionally eat.

It’s K-food on K-wave today - and here are some of the foods in Korean culture that have special meanings behind them.

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Episode 38: K-influencer: What are some plastic surgery trends in South Korea?

South Korea is often called the world's plastic surgery capital.

Some say around one in three South Korean women between 19 and 29 have had plastic surgery.

But why is plastic surgery in South Korea so popular?

What are some trends in plastic surgery in Korea right now?

To find out more - on K-influencer is Dr Shens, Plastic Surgeon Consultant at Shens Clinic who is also a Korean-trained plastic surgery doctor here in Singapore.

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Episode 37: K-drama: Revenge & politics - Queenmaker

There's a new series in town that takes inspiration for Korea’s political issues.

It’s K-drama on today’s episode -

And I’ll tell you all you have to know about the newest k-drama series- "Queenmaker."

If you’re looking for something dark - this may be the new series you might want to binge-watch.

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Episode 36: K-food: Eat vicariously through these Mukbangers

When you think of Korean food, for some of you, you might think of mukbangs.

Mukbangs are kind of known as an eating show.

It’s when a content creator videos themselves consuming various quantities of food while interacting with viewers.

The genre became popular in South Korea in 2010, and has since become a major contributor to Hallyu, cementing its status as a global trend since the mid-2010s.

Here are some trending Mukbang content creators South Koreans are watching.

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Episode 35: K-influencers: @kyung.2k - Why you need to know some ``Konglish``

You may have seen him on TikTok, perhaps intriguing you with this Korean accent.

Or even his viral content on how his accent has changed - after one week in Singapore - 6 months in Singapore - 2 years in Singapore and 29 years in Singapore.

If my description of him still doesn’t ring a bell - maybe his accent will.

On K-influncers, it's Kwak Kyung Hoon, also known as kyung.2k on TikTok and Instagram.

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Episode 34: K-fashion: Brands & stores to check out in Seoul

If you’re heading to South Korea soon for your summer holidays, and you want to know where to dress just like how South Koreans do, delve deeper into the world of Korean fashion, and fill your shopping bags with all the trending styles in Korean fashion.

You’ve come to the right place.

It’s K-fashion today on K-WAVE, and I’ll tell you some of the local brands and designers you need to check out while you’re in South Korea.

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Episode 33: K-fashion: How to excel your airport fashion looks like K-celebrities

If style was a school - Korean celebrities would be the master teachers of airport fashion.

While many of us opt for comfortable looks of T-shirts and jogger pants, for Korean celebrities - even in transit, they don’t disappoint.

K-celebrities have taken the airport runway to another level - making it their own fashion runway.

Here are some of the top stars that have killed the game - before they soared to the skies.

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Episode 32: K-slang: 삼귀다 (samgweeda)

If you watch a lot of romance k-dramas you’d know that Koreans refer to that as 썸 (sseom)

It’s the stage where before you define the relationship.

But while it’s common to use 썸 now, there’s another slang word Gen Z’s use to define that kind of relationship -

It’s 삼귀다 (samgweeda).

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Episode 31: K-fashion: Blackpink concert looks to be inspired from

Blackpink is coming to your area soon - hitting the stage right here in Singapore this weekend.

While those going to the concert - will enjoy all of BlackPink’s iconic songs LIVE-  witnessing the members’ signature high-energy performances, stunning visuals, and powerful vocals,

All eyes will also be what kind of outfits and looks they will be wearing this time round.

So on K-fashion today, let’s take a look at some of the iconic looks they wore to their concerts.

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Episode 30: K-food: Top k-celebrity diet plans for the summer

It’s almost summer time.

Most Koreans are probably planning or already on a diet in preparation for the summer.

South Korean celebrities have their own plans they follow when they want to lose a tremendous amount of weight in a short period of time.

And so today on K-food, here are some diet plans top celebrities follow.

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Episode 29: K-slang: 당모치 (dangmochi)

Today’s slang word is one for the Korean fried chicken lovers out there.

It’s '당모치' dangmochi.

If you’re craving fried chicken or if chicken is always the way to go - all you gotta do is use this slang word.

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Episode 28: K-drama: Meet the Korean Deadpool

There’s a new k-drama series, and it screams Korean Deadpool.

It’s called “Stealer: The Treasure Keeper.”

And it’s a new caper comic action drama in which a mysterious cultural asset thief named Skunk and an unofficial heritage redemption team known as Team Karma collaborate to fight against those who cannot be judged by the law.

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Episode 27: K-influencer: David Yong - CEO, businessman, lawyer by day, K-Pop artist by night

He is a man with many talents - a man with many hats. He’s a multinational businessman & CEO Influencer, venture capitalist, lawyer, and a K-Pop artist.

He’s David Yong.

And he has just released his newest Single - “Maybe Love” - and this is a collaboration with Moonbyul from MAMAMOO.

On K-influencers today, David Yong joins Hongbin Jeong to dive in further about his journey as a K-pop star, working in the Kpop industry as well as working with Moonbyul for his latest single.

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Episode 26: K-food: What to order on k-food delivery apps

Korea is known for its efficient and fast delivery food service.

You can order anything from chicken wings and burgers to rice noodles and kimchi jjigae.

On K-food today - I’ll tell you all the top foods South Koreans order on these delivery apps - so the next time you’re in South Korea, and you don’t want to leave your hotel room or your airbnb- you can just order like the Koreans.

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Episode 25: K-slang: 갓생 (godsaeng)

Today’s slang word is one of Gen Z’s favourite word.It's a word they live by - or strive to at least.

It’s 갓생 (godsaeng).

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Episode 25: K-slang: 갓생 (godsaeng)

Today’s slang word is one of Gen Z’s favourite word.It's a word they live by - or strive to at least.

It’s 갓생 (godsaeng).

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Episode 24: K-food: The stirring and mixing is back with a new version of Dalgona

There’s now a new Dalgona dessert trend that’s taken South Koreans by storm.

And it’s called the Adamamma dalgona, also known as Japanese Dalgona Karumeyaki.

If those of you that are wondering, Karumeyaki is Honeycomb toffee or honeycomb candy, a sugary toffee with a light, rigid, sponge-like texture.

It’s gotten popular in Korea because it’s really a hit or miss - you can get it right the first time, but most probably you’d fail miserably several times before getting it right.

And I’ll tell you how you can make this yourself - the right way.

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Episode 23: K-movie: The mother with a killer instinct, Kill Boksoon

If Hollywood has John Wick - South Korea has JEON Wick.

It’s K-MOVIE on today’s episode, and I’ll be talking about the latest new Korean movie out on Netflix - called Kill Boksoon.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s about the pressures of balancing work and motherhood.

But in this case - the mom - is a world-class assassin.

So is being an assassin harder or being a mom harder?

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Episode 22: K-slang: 오운완 (ohwoonwan)

We’ve all been there – when we go to the gym - it’s no pics or it didn’t happen. We’ve all taken selfies at the gym - especially a mirror selfie.

Whether it’s a progress shot, or a pic for your Insta story - to tell your followers - "Hey, I gym bro."

And the common hashtags we see a long with that photo is either - #gainz, #mondaychestday or #nopainnogainBut in South Korea - it’s a simple three letter word.

It’s K-slang of the week, on today’s episode we take on 오운완 (ohwoonwan).

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Episode 21: K-influencer: Behind all the romance of K-drama & K-pop - the ``True Crimes of Asia``

The Straits Times has released a new podcast series.

It’s a 6-part series that explores the recent true crimes that gripped those in Asia. And this new podcast aims to expose the dark side of societies.

It’s called True Crimes Of Asia.

And the first episode - takes place in South Korea. It takes us back to 2019, when the nation was taken aback by the shocking news of a criminal case that trapped girls in a digital prison.

On K-influencer -

Ernest Luis, Podcast Editor of The Straits Times, Tan Tam Mei, Executive Producer for True Crimes of Asia, and Chang May Choon, The Straits Times South Korea Correspondent joins this episode to tell us more about the series.

If you want to listen to this new podcast series-

access these episodes when you search True Crimes of Asia either on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

Episodes drop every fourth Tuesday of the month from today.

Get notifications of new episodes on your favourite audio apps - Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts - when you follow ST’s True Crimes Of Asia.

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Episode 20: K-pop: SUGA: Road to D-Day

BTS member Suga has recently released his solo album - D-Day.

He’s come to a full circle on his liberating debut studio album, bringing his Agust D chapter to a close with thought-provoking social commentary and personal reflection.

The 10-track studio set kicked started with collaboration with IU - “People Pt.2” as its lead single and also contains the title track, Haegeum,” “HUH?!”, “Amygdala,” “Interlude: Dawn,” “Snooze” and more.

And all this is documented.

The album has been released along with a companion documentary that follows the K-pop idol through the process of creating and recording the studio set.

It’s a look into his road … to D-day.


Soundbites from:
SUGA: Road to D-DAY | Official Trailer | Disney+ - @disneyplus, YouTube
SUGA: Road To D-DAY | Official Trailer | Disney+ - @disneyplus, YouTube
D-Day - SUGA - Topic, YouTube
AMYGDALA - SUGA - Topic, YouTube
Agust D '해금 (Haegeum)' Live Clip (full ver.) | SUGA: Road to D-DAY - @BTS, YouTube
Agust D 'People Pt.2 (feat. IU)' Official MV - @HYBELABELS, YouTube

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Episode 19: K-food: How to best enjoy the hot fiery Buldak

If you love spicy food - you probably have already heard of Buldak, or more specifically Buldak ramen, made famous by popular Korean brand Samyang.

And of course South Koreans who can take spice on a whole new level - this is their comfort food.

Starting with the original spicy hot chicken flavours - now there are other flavours of buldak.

The sauces in fact are now sold separately - for you to splash it over any meal.

But did you know - these hot and fiery ramen and sauces - almost never made it to the shelves of our local supermarket?

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Episode 18: K-influencer: Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw - What you need to know if you're apartment hunting in Seoul

You may have seen her latest video where she gave a house tour in Seoul of her new boyfriend’s place - which hit more than 1.5 million views on TikTok.

She’s a model right here in Singapore - She’s been on the cover of Vogue Singapore, HerWorld, Shape, Nylon…

She’s Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw.

She joins for K-influencers on K-WAVE to give some tips on apartment hunting in Seoul and even some K-fashion and beauty tips.

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Episode 17: K-pop: Jisoo blooms with ‘Flower’

The fourth and final member - to release a solo.

It’s Blackpink’s Jisoo.

It seems like the phrase - “saving the best for last” may just be true in this case -  'cause she’s just made history.


Soundbites from:
JISOO - 'All Eyes on Me' M/V - @BLACKPINK YouTube

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Episode 16: K-drama: Seungri’s Burning Sun or Victor’s Black Sun?

There’s a new K-drama series that’s been making waves lately in South Korea.

It’s Taxi Driver - Season 2.

It’s a story about a group of vigilantes running a secret on-call revenge service under the cover of a taxi company - called the Rainbow Taxi Company.

Season two is a continuation of season one with the company once again taking on revenge cases amid the threat of a major villain, seeking justice for the weak and downtrodden and championing those in need.

Like the first season- some of the revenge stories are based on real-life criminal cases.

But there’s one episode in season 2 that has got people talking…


Soundbites from:

Taxi Driver Season 2 | Official Trailer | Watch now on KOCOWA | [ENG SUB] @KOCOWA YouTube

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Episode 15: K-slang: 꾸꾸꾸 (kkukkukku)

Whether it’s on Instagram, Tiktok or youtube - you might want to know this term, especially if you’re looking through the latest on Korean fashion trends.

It’s kkukkukku.

I know it sounds weird, but it’s actually short for something.

Listen more to find out what it means.

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Episode 14: K-fashion: Up-and-coming fashion icon - Jang Wonyoung

IVE - a K-pop girl group, recently made a comeback with their new album I’ve IVE. The group consists of 6 members. And one group member has been making headlines in the fashion industry.

She’s the so-called “visual of the group. It’s Jang Wonyoung.

If you are a fan of this girl group, Wonyoung is probably one of your fashion icons. Here’s how you can dress like her.

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Episode 13: K-influencer: How this agency aims to get SEA creators, artistes get the same exposure as K-pop idols

On K-influencer -

He’s the founder and CEO of Wild - Leonard Lim.

And his company aims to help South East Asian creators and artistes get the same type of exposure and recognition as K-pop idols.

Its current roster is also full of some of Korea’s top stars- including Sorn, The Hammingtons, Seungyeon and Junoflo.

So how is WILD bringing the Korean wave to Southeast Asia and vice versa?

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Episode 12: K-food: Top things to eat in Jeju Island

If you’re heading to Jeju soon, whether it’s for the cherry blossoms or for its famous waterfalls and beaches, here’s an episode for you!

You gotta make your pit stop somewhere to enjoy Jeju’s own delicacies.

So here are the top foods you need to try out when you’re there!

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Episode 11: K-slang: 핑플 (pingpeul)

We all have that one friend who is always too lazy to search up things - and always asks you to do the searching for them - even if it’s just a simple search.

Like for instance - just searching up the nearest restaurant or just simply a definition of a word.

Well, there's a perfect Korean slang word to describe that exact person.

And it's 핑프 (pingpeul).

Find out more about today's K-slang word of the week.

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Episode 10: That’s so “KITCH”

K-pop girl group IVE has made a comeback.

In promotion of their new album, the group had pre-released a single from the album, titled "Kitsch" back on March 27.

It’s their first song that they’ve written from scratch.

But what is Kitsch about?


Soundbites from:
IVE 아이브 'Kitsch' MV - @STARSHIP_official YouTube
[MV] IVE(아이브) - ELEVEN - @STARSHIP_official YouTube

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Episode 9: K-fashion: How to style your new pair of jeans with NewJeans

Y2K fashion is in trend.

That means velvet track pants, chunky heels, and bedazzled denim jackets- they are all back in fashion.

"Y2K" refers to the year 2000 with fashion that provides nostalgic notes from late 90s to early 00s pop culture. Just think - Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and how they used to dress during that bygone era.

And there’s one K-pop girl group in South Korea that’s doing it the best.

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Episode 8: K-drama: The revolting truth behind ``The Glory``

The latest K-drama series “The Glory” is a story about vengeance, trauma, and power.

It’s a story about a woman in her late thirties who sets out on an elaborate revenge plot to make her tormentors pay years after she survived horrific abuse in high school - including being beaten up, scratched by pins, and being burnt by a hair-curling iron.

But the gruesome bullying scenes in the show hide an even more revolting truth…

Soundbites from:
The Glory | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB] - @netflixkcontent YouTube
Bullied with a Curling Iron | The Glory - Ep. 1 Highlight Clip | Netflix (Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun) - @azcontent YouTube

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Episode 7: K-slang: 킹받네 (kingbatnae)

It’s all about Kings today.

Nope, not about the royal family, I’m talking about the Korean slang word - 킹받네 (kingbatnae).

It's a slang word that has been trending in South Korea for quite some time now, and it's used in almost every conversation with Gen Zs these days.

Let's learn more about this word.

Soundbite from:
"아 킹받네?" @d1sgud YouTube
"킹받네" @권도훈 - Topic YouTube

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Episode 6: Do you have the X-Factor to become the next K-Pop star?

Do YOU have what it takes to be the next K-pop idol?

By the creator of the now-defunct K-pop girl groups SKarf and OhBliss, iGet Entertainment has announced their plans to host global auditions around the region in search of new talents to be trained as artistes in various categories.

Alan Chan, Director and COO of iget Holdings, joins this episode of K-WAVE to tell us more about these auditions as well as what it's like behind the scenes of being a trainee to become the next K-pop superstar.

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Episode 5: K-convenience store best drink combos

If you haven’t been to a convenience store in Korea, there are these drink Capri Sun-styled pouches that’s filled with pre-made coffee, lemonade, and other funky flavours.

And it's taken TikTok by storm with content creators testing out different drink pouches and mixing it with other drinks to find the best combination.

Recently, Singapore has opened two KOREAN convenience stores - one at Nex Mall, and Jurong Point shopping centre.

So you can try them yourselves! But before you check it out - here are the BEST combinations you need to try out.

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Episode 4: Blackpink Jennie's top picks

Korean fashion has taken the world by storm and significantly impacted the global fashion industry in recent years. One of the key reasons behind the rise of Korean fashion's popularity is the influence of K-pop artists.

And on this episode, I take on fashion icon - Jennie Kim - from the K-pop supergroup Blackpink.

She is no doubt a trend setter -  taking South Korea's fashion by storm.

Whether she’s going to a fashion show, doing her live concerts, or just simply- going to the airport, all eyes are on what she’s wearing, who she’s wearing, and how she’s accessorising.

So here are some of the top fashion trends in South Korea - inspired by the fashion icon, Jennie.

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Episode 3: @esyfilms - Which Korean restaurants in SG are #KoreanOppaApproved?

You may have seen him all over TikTok, especially if you’re on food TikTok.

If you are a fan of Korean food - whether you want to make it yourself, or you’re hunting for the most authentic Korean food in Singapore- he’s the go-to-guy.

He’s the Korean Oppa living right here in Singapore.

He’s @esyfilms on TikTok and on Instagram.

He’s Eric Youn. He joins Hongbin Jeong on K-Wave to tell us more about his content creation and of course, Korean food.

Listen to find out where to get the best K-BBQ here in Singapore on this episode.

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Episode 2: Physical 100 - Was the finale rigged?

Let's talk K-reality.

Some of you may have watched the latest hit Korean reality show - Physical 100, a fitness competition where 100 contestants from all over Korea compete to become the fittest person in the country. And the winner of show will not only gain the title as South Korea’s fittest person, but also with $300 million won (S$307,000).

But since the conclusion of the series, the show has been swept up in controversy after controversy – from one of the top female contestants admitting to being a school bully, to a contestant being arrested for assaulting his girlfriend.

And the most notable one? The controversy that the finale was rigged.

*Spoilers ahead.

"Physical: 100 | Sneak Peek | Netflix [ENG SUB]" @netflixkcontent YouTube

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Episode 1: K-Slang: 어쩔티비 (eojjeoltibi)

Just like any other country, Korea has its own set of trendy slang words that may just be useful to know w hen you travel to Korea or you’re just watching a Korean show, and especially if you’re scrolling through social media.

Gen Z’s in South Korea has created a new set slang words, that even the older Korean generations have no idea what they mean.

And kicking off the new segment, the first K-slang word of the week is eojjeoltibi.

What does it mean? How do you use? I'll tell you all about it.

Soundbite from:
"When arguing!!" @dgdg YouTube
"SNL 코리아 시즌2 신혜선 하이라이트" @CoupangPlay YouTube
"So WhaTV" @redpajamayaco YouTube

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