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SEP 29, 2023
29/09/23 - Culture Club: Not All Water is the Same - A Water Sommelier's Guide To Better H2O
You may have heard of wine sommeliers, but have you ever met a water sommelier? Caryn Tang is Singapore’s first female water sommelier, and she aims to reveal the hidden intricacies of water in Southeast Asia’s first ever ‘Essence of Water’ course. Now, if you think all water is the same, think again. Caryn shares how to identify the flavour profile of water and ways this humble beverage can complement your gastronomical experiences. 

SEP 29, 2023
29/09/23 - Weekly Wrap Up: Is Singapore’s rental market on the brink of a possible rental price cooling?
August 2023 has seen the rental markets for both condos and HDBs in Singapore go through a significant shift.  We analyze these statistics and look ahead for potential future movements for the rest of the year with Nicholas Mak, Chief Research Officer,

SEP 29, 2023
29/09/23 - Why It Matters: Building Towards City 5.0 – The Citizen Centric Mandate
Singapore has been ranked the smartest city in Asia, and the seventh-smartest in the world, according to the 2023 Smart City Index. But, how did Singapore become a Smart Nation? How does data play a critical role in pushing the boundaries of a smart city? Manisha Khannna, Head of AI & Analytics, Asia Pacific, SAS explains. 

SEP 28, 2023
28/09/23 - Sports Minutes: Tampines Rovers go Thai, strike 3-year deal with BG Pathum
Singapore's Tampines Rovers and Thailand's BG Pathum have entered into a three-year collaboration with the Singaporean club set to be renamed BG Tampines Rovers from 2024. After three years, the Thai club will take over the Stags' operations, potentially paving the way for more privatised teams in the SPL. Is this good news for the local game? And what does it mean for the competitiveness of the local league? We are in conversation with Tampines Rovers chairman Desmond Ong to find out.  READ MORE: Got a story to tell? Get in touch with us! |

SEP 28, 2023
28/09/23 - Culture Club: Are travellers still willing to splurge on luxury travel accessories?
Whether you are going away for the weekend or heading on a month-long European trip, the luggage you take with you can make or break a trip. The best luxury luggage brands are more than a status symbol, like many of the best designer bags, high-end luggage is a savvy investment that enhances your travel experience. But are travellers today looking beyond just a utilitarian object when they select a luggage? Satish Peerubandi, Vice President, Samsonite Southeast Asia shares his views. 

SEP 28, 2023
28/09/23 - Culture Club EXTRA: Speaking with confidence, leaving an impact
In this special edition of The Evening Runway, guest co-host Youyi Lin, Presentation Coach shares tips on speaking with confidence, leaving an impact and common problems many face with public speaking. 

SEP 28, 2023
28/09/23 - Market View: China Evergrande suspends trading in HK, Chinese bank earnings may fall 10% on bad loans; HSBC reportedly set to acquire Citigroup China’s consumer wealth management business; Google Pixel vs iPhone in Japan; Google, Apple and Meta’s foray into VR, AR devices
Singapore stocks inched up at the open today, after a mixed close in US and Europe markets overnight. In early trade, the Straits Times Index (STI) rose 0.1 per cent to 3,201.63 points after 54.1 million changed hands in the broader market. Elsewhere, Chinese Evergrande has suspended trading in Hong Kong. Adding to ongoing woes about the property sector, JP Morgan analysts estimate that Chinese bank earnings may fall as much as 10 per cent next year if their bad debt ratios continue to rise on defaulting developers.  In terms of corporate news, Alphabet’s Google Pixel is eroding the iPhone dominance in Japan as the iPhone gets pricer – but will this be the case elsewhere looking at consumers’ response to the iPhone15? On Market View, The Evening Runway’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian dived into the details with Terence Wong, CEO, Azure Capital.

SEP 28, 2023
28/09/23 - Euro Watch: How Productive is the China-EU Economic & Trade Dialogue?
Earlier this week, EU and Chinese officials gathered for the 10th China-European Union High-Level Economic and Trade Dialogue in Beijing.  How successful was the dialogue? And with major differences that remain with the EU taking a series of policy measures in recent months under its so-called 'de-risking' campaign, what's next? Dr Cai Daolu, Senior Lecturer and the Academic Director of  the Master of Science in Strategy and Innovation at the NUS Business School’s Department of Strategy and Policy breaks it down for us. 

SEP 28, 2023
28/09/23 - Why It Matters: Spotlighting Post-Retirement Careers for Directors & C-Suites
Are you a highly-seasoned professional, yearning for a post-retirement career by bringing decades of expertise to board advisory roles? The challenge? Board positions are often accessible only through personal connections; making it clear that it's not about what you know, but who you know. Board Match-Up, is a digital platform that is aiming to reshape boardroom dynamics and ditching the old meritocracy gatekeeping.  Karunesh Prasad, CEO and Founder of Board Match-Up tells us more. 

SEP 28, 2023
28/09/23 - Under the Radar: Saison Capital on investing in Pre-Seed to Series B companies, working with Stripe, and if VCs are running out of dry powder amid falling VC funding?
The VC investment landscape is back with focus as we speak to the venture arm of one of Japan’s largest consumer credit companies, Credit Saison.  Called Saison Capital, the corporate venture arm invests in Pre-Seed to Series B companies with a focus on Southeast Asia and India.  While the firm is sector agnostic, it likes to work with founders that are building platforms or ecosystems that have the potential to distribute financial services to the underbanked.  Question is, what expertise does Saison Capital want to provide to startups and how does that influence the companies it invests in? Meanwhile, data from Pitch Book showed venture capital funding globally almost halved in the first six months of 2023, despite the earlier artificial intelligence frenzy. Are VCs running out of dry powder or are they just merely not investing? On Under the Radar, The Evening Runway’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian posed these questions to Qin En Looi, Partner, Saison Capital.

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