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MAR 4, 2024
04/03/24 - Money in the Market: Fed back in focus - will the tech-led rally fizzle out?
Despite the US Federal Reserve expected to begin cutting rates later rather than sooner this year, markets have seen optimism due to stellar earnings results, especially from big tech firms in recent weeks. Now with earnings season largely out of the way, investors will be looking this week to more economic releases and Fed boss Jerome Powell’s testimony to Congress, where he’s expected to double down on his message that there’s no rush to cut interest rates. So how will markets react? Will the market optimism from the tech-led rally fizzle out? On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Wong Kok Hoong, Head of Equity Sales Trading, Maybank Securities to find out more. 

MAR 4, 2024
04/03/24 - What’s Trending: Unlocking LeBron’s new milestone
On What’s Trending, LeBron achieved another milestone in his career - scoring 40,000 points in his career. And lastly, a Primary 5 student being the first recipient of the iconic Taylor Swift ’22’ hat.

MAR 1, 2024
01/03/24 - Money in the Market: Swift & Stocks - Does it make a good Love Story?
"I promise that you'll never find another like me." Yes, we’re never going find another like you, Taylor.  Taylor Swift is here in Singapore for her Eras Tour - the starting point for unprecedented levels of economic impact, particularly within sectors across not only the United States, but every country she’s hosted her concerts in.  So of course our hospitality, tourism, and transport sectors are all in for the cheer.  While we know all about "Swiftonomics" - the phenomenon that refers to the impact the pop star has on the economy - does she have an effect on the stock market?  Will she have an effect on our Straits Times Index, or will our local stock market largely shake it off? On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Too Juncheong, Equity Dealer, Moomoo Singapore, to find out what key stocks investors should be looking out for that may ride the Taylor Swift effect. 

MAR 1, 2024
01/03/24 - Market Wrap: Will the STI’s losing streak continue into March?
On The Afternoon Update, Hongbin Jeong is joined by Carmen Lee, Head of OCBC Investment Research for a market wrap. The Singapore stock market moved lower in two straight sessions earlier this week, and some analysts say the losing streak may continue for the stock market. But how did the STI fare overall in February? Were there any dividend stock standouts for this month? What should investors look out for in the month of March that could move the STI? 

FEB 29, 2024
29/02/24 - What’s Trending: Introducing Oreo’s new flavour lineup
On What’s Trending, a new Maggi concoction left fans appalled. Oreo released two new flavours, and one of them is getting a permanent spot in the Oreo lineup. And lastly, a restaurant is offering a ‘Divorce meal’ option.

FEB 29, 2024
29/02/24 - Money in the Market: Can the Nikkei breach the 40,000-point mark?
Japan’s stock market has hit new highs in recent days after breaching past its 1989 peak following decades of stagnation. The Nikkei has been extending a rally that has made Japanese stocks some of the hottest buys of this year. So what’s been driving this rally? And how much higher could it go? Could it breach the 40,000 level? On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Daniel Hurley, Portfolio Specialist for Emerging Market and Japanese Equities at T. Rowe Price, to find out more. 

FEB 28, 2024
28/02/24 - Money in the Market: How the Fed’s preferred inflation gauge will test the AI-driven rally
US stocks closed out on a dizzying week at record highs last week, but to start the new week, shares took a breather as investors braced for a looming inflation update that could put that rally to the test. New inflation data in the coming days will test the staying power of the breakout rally that followed Nvidia's results. So what can we expect from Thursday’s PCE index reading? When can we expect rate cuts? Will there be further room for upside in US equities? On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Audrey Goh, Head of Asset Allocation and Thematic Strategy, Standard Chartered, to find out more. 

FEB 27, 2024
27/02/24 - Money in the Market: Why you should be sector-investing in India's stock market for better returns
India's stock market has hit all-time highs, continuing its record-breaking rallies throughout the end of last year. And this may be the latest sign that global investors should not overlook the significant long-term investment opportunity the country offers. So how should investors tap into this market? Should investors focus on sectors? How can sector investing aid diversification when constructing global portfolios? On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Rohit Gupta, Vice President, MSCI Markets and Investment Insights, to find out more.  Highlights: 1. What makes Indian equities so attractive at the moment, and why should investors seek opportunities in this market?- 1:12 2. What kind of options do investors have when seeking exposure to India’s equity market? - 2:49 3. Could you tell us more about sector investing and what opportunities does it offer? - 4:31 4. How can an awareness of individual markets’ sector exposures aid diversification of one’s portfolio?- 6:34 5. What sectors could continue to outperform this year given their performance so far since the start of 2024? What should investors keep an eye on?- 13:00

FEB 27, 2024
27/02/24 - ECO MONEY: Budget Sustainability Highlights
Security and sustainability go hand in hand for business and the nation. This was highlighted in two key sustainability areas of this year’s Singapore National Budget which rolls out the first instalment of the Forward Singapore programmes. Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong delivered his third annual Budget speech in Parliament on February 16th - he highlighted that for firms to be competitive, they also need to embrace sustainability. Rachel Kelly takes a closer look at the sustainability elements of Budget 2024.

FEB 27, 2024
27/02/24 - What's Trending: "Cereal for Dinner?" Why Kellogg's CEO is under fire
On What's Trending, China's Luckin Coffee is feeling lucky as it surpasses rival Starbucks in sales. On the other hand, Kellogg's CEO suggests eating cereal for dinner as a cost-cutting alternative, but faces backlash from netizens. 

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