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JAN 31, 2023
31/01/23 - Money in the Market: What's the outlook for the US dollar for the year ahead?
The dollar is eyeing a fourth monthly loss as investors expect a peak in US interest rates could swing into view as soon as this week's Federal Reserve meeting. The currency market is subdued in the lead-up to Wednesday's Fed rate decision, though cautiousness across financial markets lifted the greenback by a fraction. On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Philip Wee, Senior Currency Economist at DBS to find out where the US dollar is headed. 

JAN 30, 2023
30/01/23 - Money in the Market: Why is it important to note food security issues when it comes to investing?
The Franklin Templeton Institute has released a whitepaper that explores issues stemming from food security. But what kind of impact will this have on financial markets when addressing potential solutions?  On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Christy Tan, Investment Strategist at Franklin Templeton Institute to find out why it’s important to note food security issues when it comes to investing.

JAN 27, 2023
27/01/23 - Market Wrap: Which sectors should you keep an eye on given the current inflationary environment?
For a market wrap for the week, Geoff Howie, Market Strategists from the SGX joins Rachel Kelly and Hongbin Jeong to discuss how the STI has performed this past week; Singapore's sticky inflation data; what we can expect from the MAS policy meeting in April; and China's reopening impact on markets.

JAN 27, 2023
27/01/23 - Money in the Market: Key lessons you need to know to optimise your investment portfolio
Geopolitical tensions, global supply chain challenges, and spiralling inflation led to global market volatility for the majority of 2022. As we look towards the rest of the year, what are some of the lessons we can draw from the past year, which will help us to optimise our investment portfolios in the year ahead? On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Wilfred Lim, Head of Strategy, Investment Solutions at PhillipCapital to find out some of the key lessons we can draw from 2022. 

JAN 26, 2023
26/01/23 - Eco Money: Cost and necessity for greening Singapore's REITs
Sustainability matters concerning asset managers - including Singapore real estate investment trusts - have become increasingly important. But what does this mean to their portfolios? And what costs are involved? Rachel Kelly and Hongbin Jeong speak to  Wong Hong Wei, and Andrew Wong -  Credit Research Analysts, OCBC Bank to find out. 

JAN 26, 2023
26/01/23 - Sustainable Singapore: What Happens to Unsold Bread?
Have you ever wondered what happens to unsold bread? In the past it would have contributed to overall food waste here in Singapore - and it may surprise you to know that food waste accounts for 12% of waste in Singapore.  BUT as food prices continue to rise and with food security a key issue - is this waste necessary? Rachel Kelly spoke to Robin Lee, CEO of Food from the Heart to find out more about their initiatives.

JAN 26, 2023
26/01/23 - Money in the Market: Is the Singdollar the new short this year?
Some of the biggest global banks are going short the Singapore dollar. In fact, some are betting that the island’s currency will weaken against the Malaysian ringgit, the Thai baht, and even the Japanese yen. So is the Singdollar the new short this year? On Money in the Market, Jeff Ng, Senior Currency Analyst, MUFG to tell us more.

JAN 25, 2023
25/01/23 - Money in the Market: Are investors turning more bullish on commodity markets?
China's commodity trade data last showed prices and volumes weren't driven by the world's biggest buyer of natural resources. So the question now is - will 2023 see China reasserting its dominance as the main driver of commodity markets? On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Priyanka Sachdeva, Market Analyst at Phillip Nova, to find out how China’s reopening is giving a boost to commodity markets. 

JAN 20, 2023
20/01/23 - Market Wrap: Will banks deliver solid earnings for their latest quarterly results?
For a wrap of the markets this week, Geoff Howie, Market Strategist from the SGX, joins us to tell us more on the volatile week the STI has had; who were the biggest movers this week adding to that volatility; what's in store for banks' earnings results as Singapore-listed companies set to report their latest quarterly results in the coming weeks; and how China's reopening will affect Singapore's commodity markets. 

JAN 20, 2023
20/01/23 - Money in the Market: Is the 'crypto winter' over?
After getting hammered by losses for the most of last year, 2023 seems to be a bright spot for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ether and several other cryptocurrencies have been rallying in 2023, prompting speculation that the so-called crypto winter — the digital asset world’s equivalent of a bear market — is over. On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Chew Min Wei, Partner at Arcane Group to find out whether or not it's safe to say that the crypto winter is over. 

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