Zerlina Zeng, CreditSights

Zerlina Zeng, CreditSights


26 July 2022
Money in the Market: Is fiscal stimulus in China enough to pickup the lag in private consumption and investment for FY22
Several issues are putting China on edge, as the country faces a resurgence of Covid-19 outbreaks and a property downturn. But how does this affect on- budget capital expenditures by the central and local governments? The Afternoon Update's Rachel Kelly speaks to Zerlina Zeng, Senior Analyst - Chinese Corporates, CreditSights to find out

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10 May 2022
Market View: 88 more Chinese firms face US delisting & what this means for investors
Just last week, the US Securities and Exchange Commission added 88 US-listed Chinese firms to an enlarged list of companies that could be forced to delist from US exchanges. What does this mean for Chinese corporates and for investors? Should you be putting your money in these companies? Prime Time's Bharati Jagdish spoke with Zerlina Zeng, Senior Credit Analyst, CreditSights to find out.

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