Yeo Chuen Chuen, ACEsence

Yeo Chuen Chuen, ACEsence

Yeo Chuen Chuen

14 November 2023
Morning Shot: Why are middle managers "meat in the middle of a sandwich"?
In many ways, middle management jobs are the most difficult in the business world, especially for executives who want to move up and feel boxed in.
Why are middle managers so miserable and what can they do to meet up to the demands of that delicate balancing act?
Yeo Chuen Chuen, Founder of ACESENCE Agile Leadership and Author of the book called “Leaders People Love” weighs in.
Presented by: Ryan Huang & Audrey Siek
Produced and edited by: Yeo Kai Ting (

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31 March 2022
Why It Matters: Workplace of the future, changing role of managers
While employees takes the time to upgrade themselves, leaders on the other hand must learn to re-evaluate their own skills internally to create a more conducive working environment. Yeo Chuen Chuen, Founder & Executive Coach, ACESENCE shares how the role of a leader in a company has evolved over the years and the steps one can take to re-evaluate their work and external environments the right way.

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22 June 2020
Importance of leadership agility at the workplace
With Singapore slowly easing out of the circuit breaker measures, we should all be thinking about what the future may look like to prepare for a “new reality”. How do leaders enable their organizations to thrive in a post-crisis world? And how can they find the right short and long term strategies, to keep up with what could be a fast-moving economy? Yeo Chuen Chuen, an executive coach and founder of ACEsence shares how leaders can navigate their way through these uncertain times.

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