William Gilchrist, Konsyg

William Gilchrist, Konsyg

09012023 TBH - William

9 January 2023
Mind Your Business: Tackling the future of funding amid global challenges
The world is on a geopolitical roller coaster, with challenges brought about by a historic IPO drought, the Ukraine-Russia conflict and uncertainty surrounding an interest rate trajectory not seen since the 1980s.
William Gilchrist, CEO & Founder, Konsyg provides his insight on what this means for startups looking at raising funds in the new year.

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29 January 2020
Influence: How can companies thrive doing sales with the help of Konsyg
Konsyg has a mobile global sales team that can assign sales representatives to carry out your sales functions targeting any region. William Gilchrist, CEO & Founder of Konsyg, was an ex-Google Regional Sales Manager and the Head of Knowledge for APAC. He shares what you need to know when doing sales today.

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