Vishal Vijay, Agrocorp International

Vishal Vijay, Agrocorp International

Vishal Vijay

25 August 2023
Under the Radar: Buying and selling rice, wheat, sugar, cotton - Agrocorp on serving food manufacturers in APAC and Middle East; Locating upstream processing plants in Canada, Australia; On effect of El Nino and sky high rice prices on top and bottom lines; Plant based protein production in Singapore
From wheat, sugar, cashew, to cotton and even rice. Today we’re going to take you through a company that specialises in the physical buying and selling of such agri-commodities.
Incorporated in 1990, Agrocorp International is a leading integrated agri-commodities and food solutions provider, with a strong presence in emerging markets like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India.
It also secured sustainability loans from the International Finance Corporation to sustain the flow of calorie-rich staples to Bangladesh. But what bearing does this have on Agrocorp’s financials?
Away from South Asia, the firm established an upstream presence by investing into pulse processing plants in Canada and Australia. But what are the reasons for locating the facilities in these developed markets?
Meanwhile, Agrocorp also moved into the plant-based meat alternatives scene by developing the first plant-based, nut free cheese range in Singapore with support from the Singapore Institute of Technology and Enterprise Singapore.
To what extent have such moves to diversify reaped tangible benefits for the firm?
On Under the Radar, Drive Time’s finance presenter Chua Tian Tian posed these questions to Vishal Vijay, Director, Strategic Investments, Agrocorp International.

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