Vishal Doshi, AUM Biosciences

Vishal Doshi, AUM Biosciences

17032023 DT - Vishal Doshi

17 March 2023
In The Spotlight: From lab coats to CEO of global biotech - Paving the way for disruption in Asia’s oncology drugs space’
The biotechnology scene in Asia is rapidly growing and has become a major player in the biotech industry globally. And in recent years, Singapore has also become a hub for biomedical startups.
Vishal Doshi, Chairman & CEO, AUM Biosciences shares how he is paving the way for disruption in Asia’s biotech landscape and oncology drug space.

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25 October 2021
Mind Your Business: AUM Biosciences raises US$27m in Series A funding - What’s in the pipelines
It was recently revealed that a Singapore originated clinical biotech start-up, AUM Biosciences, announced the successful completion of USD $27 million series A funding round. This round was led by private equity funds including Singapore-based Everlife and globally focused health sciences investment firm SPRIM Global investments (SGI). Vishal Doshi, CEO & Co-Founder, AUM Biosciences shares an overview of the world's current oncology market and how AUM plays a role in changing the landscape.

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