Vikram Malhi, ZUZU Hospitality

Vikram Malhi, ZUZU Hospitality

Vikram Malhi

10 August 2023
In The Spotlight: How Southeast Asia’s smaller hospitality players can stay competitive in the current boom period
The tourism industry, particularly the hotels, is finally witnessing a ray of light post-pandemic. It is undeniable that the more prominent players in the industry are reaping the benefits of the sudden influx of tourism. But what about smaller hospitality organisations that can’t fully capitalise on the influx of tourists due to the lack of manpower? How can they can stay afloat and also fully capitalise on the surge of tourism?
We find out from Vikram Malhi, CEO and Founder of ZUZU Hospitality, a provider of revenue platform for independent hotels.

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12 February 2020
Coronavirus's impact on Singapore's tourist arrivals
Losing between 18,000 and 20,000 Chinese tourists a day, Singapore is bracing for an impact worse than SARS in 2003. The Singapore Tourism Board expects tourist arrivals to plunge up to 30% due to the novel coronavirus situation. Howie Lim speaks to Vikram Malhi, former Expedia executive and co-founder of ZUZU Hospitality for his insights.

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