Vaibhav Dabhade, Anchanto

Vaibhav Dabhade, Anchanto

14 May 2020
E-commerce post COVID-19: How will the industry evolve?
The current pandemic has changed the way people live and how they conduct business. The imperative for e-commerce has never been stronger. We speak to Vaibhav Dabhade, CEO, Anchanto on his insights on how e-commerce is functioning currently and his thoughts on how the sector can revive post COVID-19.

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Locally based logistics and selling platform, Anchanto helped global omnichannel player LuxAsia connect beauty brands to consumers throughout Asia, allowing LuxAsia to achieve a 7 fold growth within a year. How did it help LuxAsia to be the go-to distribution channel for fragrance, cosmetics, skincare and salon brands? We talk to the Founder and CEO of Anchanto, Vaibhav Dabhade.

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