Tyrohnn Hira, NTU & Simon Gwozdz, Equatorial Space

Tyrohnn Hira, NTU & Simon Gwozdz, Equatorial Space


19 June 2023
Morning Shot: Rocketing Singapore to the forefront of space frontiers
The space race has always been one that involved big players like the US and China. But just recently, one Singaporean team placed third in an international rocket-building competition.
One of its team members, Tyrohnn Hira, a year-2 NTU undergraduate from the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Simon Gwozdz , CEO of rocket and space launch company Equatorial Space, which helped with hardware selection and launch procedures - weighed in on the challenges and where our little red dot is faring on this front.
Presented by: Lynlee Foo

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This podcast is produced and edited by Yeo Kai Ting (ykaiting@sph.com.sg)

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