Tomas O’Farrell, Workana

Tomas O'Farrell, Workana

19 June 2020
How should companies still hire freelancers for their businesses continuity?
Singapore moves into Phase 2 of its re-opening, and as many economies around the world begin to ease their lockdown measures some businesses are looking at how they can restructure and streamline their manpower. So what's going to happen to the gig economy and the number of freelancers available in different sectors? And what can freelancers do for themselves? Tomas O’ Farrell, Co-founder, Workana, an online platform connecting freelancers with businesses shares more on what businesses need to know when engaging freelancers.

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Influence: How Workana is creating the right match for freelancers and businesses
Online platform Workana connects freelancers to businesses looking to hire highly-skilled talent for projects and continues to foster ongoing relationships between the two parties. What are they doing to create the right match? Tomas O'Farrell, Co-Founder of Workana shares more.

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