Tom Kellermann, VMware Carbon Black

Tom Kellermann, VMware Carbon Black

3 June 2020
238% increase in financial sector cyberattacks amid COVID-19 surge
82 percent of surveyed financial institutions said cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, leveraging highly targeted social engineering attacks. Tom Kellermann, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy, VMware Carbon Black shares how cybersecurity landscape in Asia handled this increase and how can we as consumers, protect ourselves from cyberattacks.

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19 July 2019
Why is 2019 the year of digital guerrilla warfare?
With over 19 years of experience advising Fortune 100 clients and the U.S. government, Tom Kellermann, Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Carbon Black has seen it all when it comes to cybersecurity. He sat on the Commission on Cybersecurity during Obama’s administration, serving as an advisor to the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance. With the Chinese government’s alleged attack on Telegram to shut down the Hong Kong protests - which happened over the proposed extradition bill - and US President Donald Trump launching cyber strikes on Iran’s military computer systems, Tom shares why he think 2019 is Year of Digital Guerrilla Warfare and how governments are tapping on new-age weapons to win these geopolitical battles.

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