Thomas Dohmke, GitHub

Thomas Dohmke, GitHub

07122022 TBH - Thomas Dohmke

7 December 2022
Why It Matters: Trends in coding, must have skills and coding languages to succeed in the highly competitive technology domain
Coding, which has classically been defined as the process of creating computer programs, has come a long way since its inception. So where is the world of coding going moving forward, how does industries sees coding, how it compares to how the education world sees coding, and how both are likely to change in the coming years.
Thomas Dohmke, CEO, GitHub shares more.

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13 December 2020
Weekends: Thomas Dohmke on preserving open source software for future generations.
Glenn van Zutphen speaks to Thomas Dohmke, Vice President for Special Projects at GitHub about preserving modern civilisation; and its importance.

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