Terry O’Connor and Janice O’Connor

Terry O'Connor and Janice O’Connor

27 Feb 2019
Terry and Janice O'Connor
Terry O'Connor, Executive Director and Grp CEO of Courts Asia Limited and Janice O'Connor Author of Open Kitchen stop in for Coffee with Claressa to talk life, charity and Courts.

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21 Oct 2018
Power Couple Terry & Janice O'Connor
Courts Asia Group CEO Terry O'Connor and his Hong Kong-born wife Janice speak about their 29-year marriage, raising two kids in Singapore and their charitable efforts.

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28 Mar 2018
Group CEO Of Courts Asia, Terry O' Connor
The nature of retail is ever changing with the generations that come and the trends that follow. The potential, growth and competition in the retail industry is a hot topic and we spoke to Group CEO of Courts Asia, Terry O' Connor, to tell us more.

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