Tan Chong Meng, PSA International

Tan Chong Meng, PSA International

16032023 BF - Tan Chong Meng_

16 March 2023
Morning Shot: What happens when the next pandemic strikes?
When the next pandemic knocks on our doors, are Singapore’s businesses resilient enough to tackle one that’s bigger than COVID-19 and are there infrastructure gaps that can be solved right now?
Tan Chong Meng, Co-Chair of the Emerging Stronger Taskforce and Group CEO of PSA International weighs in on that.
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Presenters: Lynlee Foo
Producer: Yeo Kai Ting (ykaiting@sph.com.sg)

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Glenn van Zutphen speaks to Tan Chong Meng, Group CEO, PSA International about the future of the global supply chain after COVID-19 and the parameters by which need to be evaluated for change.

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