Swati Mandloi, WWF-Singapore

Swati Mandloi, WWF-Singapore

24032023 BF - Swati Mandloi_

24 March 2023
Millions of people and companies worldwide will be switching off their lights when the clock strikes 8.30pm on the 25th of March.
Yes, the annual Earth Hour is back!
Swati Mandloi, Assistant Market Transformation Manager, WWF-Singapore shares an insider perspective on the gaps faced in pushing the world towards net-zero and what needs to be done to better tackle competency greenwashing

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Presenters: Lynlee Foo
Producer: Yeo Kai Ting (ykaiting@sph.com.sg)

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1 September 2022
Sustainable Singapore: Cool solutions to tackle climate change
By 2045, temperatures in Singapore could hit 40 deg C on some days due to a warming planet. - the hottest we’ve experienced this year is 36.7 or 36.8 degrees Celsius. And with the heat turning up - the use of cooling systems will only increase. But - systems such as air conditioning use a large amount of energy - it hurts the environment, and with energy prices the way they are now, it also burns a hole in the pocket. On Sustainable Singapore, Melissa Hyak speaks to Swati Mandloi, Market Transformation Manager at WWF-Singapore to find out how to balance cooling and reaching energy consumption targets.

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