Sumana Rajarethnam, Economist Intelligence Corporate Network &

Sumana Rajarethnam, Economist Intelligence Corporate Network &

Sumana Rajarethnam

27 October 2023
Bigger Picture: What do Singapore's latest inflation numbers indicate about the health of the economy?
Sumana Rajarethnam, Director, Southeast Asia, Economist Intelligence Corporate Network weighs in on whether Singapore's core and headline inflation numbers for September were in line with expectations; the categories that have witnessed the steepest price gains this year; whether Singapore's recent manufacturing performance is fuelling hopes of a turnaround; how GST hikes will impact inflation in 2024; and the impact of green inflation on everyday spending habits.
He is also the Co-Founder of, an inflation tool that helps individuals understand their spending patterns and plan their finances better.
Presented by Emaad Akhtar
Podcast edited by Emaad Akhtar (

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