Subhalakshmi Ganapathy, ManageEngine

Subhalakshmi Ganapathy, ManageEngine


20 October 2020
Developing a trusted, open, and inclusive cyberspace by enhancing cloud security
The pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of nations and forced companies to accelerate their digital transformation plans. So how can we ensure that organisations are equipped with the right knowledge and posture when facing cybersecurity issues? Howie Lim spoke to Subhalakshmi Ganapathy, a cybersecurity product evangelist, ManageEngine to get her insights.

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2 June 2020
Countering ransomware related attacks
Much as cyber hygiene goes a long way, leaders also need to act now to mitigate third-party risk while still enabling their supply chain partners to flex to the current pressures on the system. Howie Lim speaks to Subhalakshmi Ganapathy, Product Evangelist, ManageEngine to find out more.

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