Soon Ghee Chua, Kearney

Soon Ghee Chua, Kearney

09122022 PT - Soon Ghee Chua

12 December 2022
Uncertainties facing many of the world’s most influential global cities
The recovery from the pandemic, inflation, a slowdown in China, the ongoing reverberations of the conflict in Ukraine and the intensifying effects of climate-related hazards have resulted in a time of intense pressure for global cities all over the world. In the face of global adversity, how are the largest urban centres in Asia Pacific and the world adapting? Prime Time's Bharati Jagdish finds out from Soon Ghee Chua, Senior Partner, Kearney.

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21 October 2021
Market View: The State of the Global Semiconductor Crunch
Before the energy shortages in China and the supply chain bottlenecks, the global semiconductor crunch hit many of industries across the world, with chipmakers struggling to meet the resurgent demand, and hitting production schedules of carmakers, smartphone assemblers and many other sectors. Soon Ghee Chua, Senior Partner for Communications, Media and Telecommunications at Kearney, joined us on Prime Time to talk about how we got to this stage, how integrated Singapore is to the global semiconductor supply chain, and how long the crunch may last.

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