Sgt. Bill Hook, WWII US Marine Veteran

Sgt. Bill Hook, WWII US Marine Veteran

15 August 2020
Weekends: US Marine WWII Veteran Sgt. Bill Hook shares his VJ Day remembrances
Glenn van Zutphen and award-winning author Neil Humphreys speak to Sgt. Bill Hook WWII US Marine Veteran, Author “Liberating North China 1945” as he shares his remembrances of being in the South Pacific during WWII and what went through his mind on Victory Over Japan Day in 1945.

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14 June 2020
Weekends: Sgt. Bill Hook USMC (Ret.) remembers the news of D-Day
Glenn van Zutphen speaks to Sergeant Bill Hook, the 95 year-old retired US Marine about his reminiscence of the D-Day invasion, and why many soldiers were not happy about the use of atomic weapons against Japan.

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