Serene Chng, TRAFFIC International – Southeast Asia

Serene Chng, TRAFFIC International - Southeast Asia

Serene Chng

9 February 2024
Climate Connections: How wildlife traffickers exploit Chinese New Year
We’re just hours away from ringing in the Chinese New Year, and also the Year of the Dragon.
It’s also typically a time when many might consider getting a pet that coincides with the zodiac for the year for good luck - bearded dragons in this case, even though they might be prohibited, depending on where you live. Chinese families will also be feasting on a range of delicacies like abalone and sea cucumbers.
But before you do any of that, think again - because you might be fuelling illegal wildlife smuggling, or organised criminal and drug syndicates!
On this episode of Climate Connections, Serene Chng, Senior Programme Officer at TRAFFIC International - Southeast Asia weighs in on why trafficking poses a severe threat to many endangered species, and challenges involved in trying to nip this issue in the bud.
Feature produced and edited by: Yeo Kai Ting (
Voiced by: Emaad Akhtar
Photo credits: TRAFFIC
Music/sound credits: pixabay & its talented community of contributors, Astrine Leoung

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