Serene Cheong, Bloomberg

Serene Cheong, Bloomberg

Serene Cheong

23 October 2023
Money in the Market: Can a Middle East war push oil prices to 140 dollars per barrel?
Oil prices have advanced about 8% since the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by Hamas, and that's on concerns that the conflict will drag in other nations including Lebanon, Iran and even the US. The Middle East supplies around a third of the world’s crude. So if the current conflict further escalates, how much higher can oil prices go? Some experts warn prices could even reach US$140 per barrel in a worse case scenario. On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Serene Cheong, Team Leader of Oil Trading (Asia) at Bloomberg, to find out more.

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12  September 2022
Money in the Market: Can oil prices continue to increase from last week's late comeback?
Oil prices have declined at the start of this week, amid mounting speculation that global demand is weakening. Crude has sunk by nearly a third since June, shedding all the gains since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. On Money in the Market, Serene Cheong, Team Leader of oil trading in Asia at Bloomberg, joins us to tell us more about the recent oil price trends.

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