Savita Kashyap, Journeys

Savita Kashyap, Journeys

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27 April 2023
In the Spotlight: Celebrating the Solar New Year 2023 at Haw Par Villa
The Solar New Year is a festival observed by many South and Southeast Asian communities.
This year, Haw Par Villa’s management team, Journeys, will bring them together in one place to share and celebrate their culture and heritage through a variety of programmes.
Visitors can expect a colourful bazaar, free music and dance performances, workshops and an exhibition introducing the concept of calendars and the Solar New Year.
Savita Kashyap, Executive Director, Journeys shares on what more visitors can expect from this event.

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10 March 2022
Mind Your Business: Travel Thursday - Walking into Singapore’s past, The Battlebox Tour, a story of strategy and surrender
When we go on a holiday overseas, we often get intrigued by their museums and the history of this particular country. But how well do you know the history in our own backyard? Savita Kashyap, Executive Director, Journeys shares some of the factors that set Journeys apart from other travel companies offering local tours and what more can be done to encourage locals to discover our own history.

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