Samir Neji, Distributed Ledger Technologies Pte. Ltd. (dltledgers)

Samir Neji, Distributed Ledger Technologies Pte. Ltd. (dltledgers)

01022023 DT - Samir Neji (UPDATED)

1 February 2023
In The Spotlight: How digital transformation is redesigning trade finance
The digitalisation of trade finance looks for opportunities to bring technologies to the world of trade. It is also to reduce reliance on paper-based and manual processes and improve the customer experience.
Samir Neji, Founder, #dltledgers shares his views on why the trade finance scene is lagging behind when it comes to embrace digitalisation.

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What can be done to bring an innovative approach to enable trade among SMEs? In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim speaks to Samir Neji, founder & CEO, dltledgers about helping SMEs contribute to the bigger economy.

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