Samantha Yap, YAP Global

Samantha Yap, YAP Global

16022023 ym - Samantha Yap

16 February 2023
Money and Me: How might the rise of AI impact the future of blockchain technology?
What exactly does the crypto space look like now since the fallout of FTX? And can emerging technologies like AI and machine learning be leveraged to improve regulatory compliance and oversight in the cryptocurrency space? Michelle Martin asks Samantha Yap, Founder & CEO, YAP Global.

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28 September 2022
Money and Me: Growth potential of Asia’s crypto landscape
In this episode of Money and Me, Michelle Martin asks Samantha Yap, Founder & CEO, YAP Global what the Singapore investor audience most needs to know about Web 3.0 and blockchain technology, and her growth outlook on the community driven sector of GameFi.

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