Riefa Ashikin, Motor Folks

Riefa Ashikin, Motor Folks

30032023 BF - Riefa Ashikin

30 March 2023
Mind Your Business: Start Them Young - Can entrepreneurial skills be cultivated at a young age?
Are you thinking about setting up your own business?
If the answer is yes, well, you're not alone.
The pandemic has prompted many people to think about their future, such as having work-life-balance, doing what you enjoy instead of grinding out in a job that one doesn't really enjoy.
Many people, especially the younger generation now, started their own business during the pandemic.
Our young guest on Mind Your Business, only 26 years old, took that leap of faith, to start a business - halal gelato ice cream - after finding a gap in the market.
She is also one of the 100 young entrepreneurs, selected by the Sandbox Somerset - a partnership between the Somerset Belt and Invade - to share their journey with aspiring entrepreneurs.
Lyn Lee Foo chats with Riefa Ashikin, Founder of Motor Folks, on her experience, challenges and tips for those who are considering to start their own business.

Produced and edited by Anthea Ng (nganthea@sph.com.sg)

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