Rebecca Tan, Moody’s

Rebecca Tan, Moody's


5 September 2022
Money in the Market: How do interest rate hikes affect net interest margins for banks?
Inflation in ASEAN countries has pushed central banks in the region to prioritise economic recovery over monetary tightening. But they will step up efforts to contain price appreciation as inflationary pressure grows. A recent report by Moody’s Investors Service says that such rises in interest rates will lead to a widening of banks' net interest margins. However, the report also highlights that asset risks for banks will also increase when interest rates rise. On Money in the Market, Rebecca Tan, VP – Senior Analyst at Moody’s Investors Service, joins us to tell us more about the latest report.

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17 August 2021
Can Southeast Asia's Banks Weather Rising Asset Risks?
Resurgent COVID-19 infections threaten to erode economic growth in Southeast Asia, and might lead to rising asset risks hitting lenders across the region. Moody's though thinks that Southeast Asia's banks may be able to weather these risks thanks in part to continued monetary and fiscal support. Rebecca Tan -- VP and Senior Analyst at Moody's -- joined us on Prime Time to discuss.

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