Rainer Michael Preiss, DAS Family Office

Rainer Michael Preiss, DAS Family Office

Rainer Michael Priess

18 May 2023
US Markets Wrap: US debt ceiling deal still in the air & why Japan is outperforming US equity markets
US stocks rose as investors hold on to hope that President Joe Biden and congress leaders will come to a deal on the US debt ceiling to avoid a catastrophic default.
Rainer Michael Preiss, Partner & Portfolio Strategist at Das Family Office, a Singapore-registered independent asset management company with global investment expertise, weighs in on whether he thinks markets will rally should a last-minute deal on the US debt ceiling is struck, sectorial opportunities and risks that he is looking out for at the moment.
Presenter: Ryan Huang
This podcast is produced and edited by Yeo Kai Ting (ykaiting@sph.com.sg)

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