Phoram Mehta, PayPal

Phoram Mehta, PayPal

22122022 TBH - Phoram Mehta

22 December 2022
Mind Your Business: Travel Thursday - Securing transactions during holiday travels
It's the year-end, and holiday travel is officially back with more countries lifting travel restrictions.
Phoram Mehta, Senior Director, APAC Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), PayPal with insights on what travel merchants can do to ensure cybersecurity is tip-top and how consumers can protect themselves.

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10 May 2021
How can businesses and individuals protect themselves from cybercrime while online shopping?
Michelle Martin and Phoram Mehta, APAC Chief Information Security Officer at PayPal discuss discerning which e-commerce merchants to trust and how individuals and institutions can protect themselves from cybercrime.

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