Paul Adams, EverEdge

Paul Adams, EverEdge

20 July 2020
Unlocking Values in Intangible Assets for Firms Facing Bankruptcies
Can a firm facing bankruptcy or liquidation risks garner higher valuations for their intangible assets? Paul Adams, CEO of EverEdge, thinks so. He talks about how companies might be able to properly value their intangibles, citing examples from the likes of Canada's Nortel and even Marvel comics in the past.

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23 April 2020
Why Intangible Assets Matter For Businesses Now
The COVID-19 pandemic has left many businesses struggling to survive, and the quest for capital, some may be leaving significant intangible assets off their valuations when raising funds. Paul Adams, CEO of Everedge Global, talks about why intangible assets matter now, and how businesses like brand consulting firms and even hawker centres can integrate their inherent intangible assets when valuing their businesses.

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