Omar Slim, Pinebridge Investments

Omar Slim, Pinebridge Investments

15122022 TAU - Omar Slim

15 December 2022
Money in the Market: Is a global economic slowdown looming?
After finally emerging from a world-changing pandemic, economies and markets have been subject to an array of headwinds, including more persistent inflation, rising policy rates, supply chain disruptions and escalating geopolitical tension. So is a global economic slowdown looming as a result? On Money in the Market, Hongbin Jeong speaks to Omar Slim, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager of Fixed Income at PineBridge Investments, Singapore to find out more.

01:51: What is the outlook for economies in Asia in 2023?
03:00: Will China play a determining role in regional fixed income markets?
5:30: What can we expect from the Asia high yield market?

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