Nick Hutton, D2L

Nick Hutton, D2L

15122022 TBH - Nick Hutton

15 December 2022
Why It Matters: Employment shocks, how can upskilling cushion these surprises?
Losing a job is never an easy experience. And the Singapore government has expressed multiple times the need to equip Singaporeans with in-demand skills as shortening economic cycles and increasing market volatility bring about more frequent employment shocks.
Nick Hutton, Regional Director, Asia - D2L shares more on the importance of upskilling.

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27 August 2020
How to train a diverse and dispersed workforce
Companies are eseeing a bigger need to upgrade the skills of their staff to stay ahead of the competition at a time where companies are experiencing sharp declines in volume and revenue.
But how can they consistently and effectively train remote workers who are based everywhere, anytime?
In Career 360, Howie Lim spoke to Nick Hutton, Regional Director (Asia) of D2L to get his insights.

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