Neville Vincent, Nutanix

Neville Vincent, Nutanix


17 February 2021
Budget 2021 - Mind Your Business: Gaining an economic advantage with tech
Does Budget 2021 ensure that tech adoption drives sustainable recovery and inclusive growth? Howie Lim spoke to Neville Vincent, Vice President for South Asia Pacific at Nutanix to find out.

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23 June 2020
How technology will shape the behaviours of a post-pandemic workforce
Over the last few months, many of us have interacted socially more over a machine than you have done so face-to-face. In the so-called ‘new norm’, workers may no longer need to be assigned to one function, location or even team. Neville Vincent, Vice President, South Asia Pacific, Nutanix shares how technology will reshape and change the behaviours of a post-pandemic workforce.

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