Mohamed Moe Ibrahim, CEO, Deelish Brands Pte Ltd

Mohamed Moe Ibrahim, CEO, Deelish Brands Pte Ltd

16022023 DT - Moe Ibrahim

16 February 2023
Culture Club: Growing in the F&B scene, giving back the savings to the customers
The cost of living has been on the rise and consumers are now on the hunt for great food that will be gentle on their wallets.
Moe Ibrahim, CEO and Founder, Deelish Brands shares with us on how his company has recently conducted a thorough review of its entire supply chain and internal processes that eventually enabled them to substantially reduce prices across all its Fatburger outlets.

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American Diners In Singapore: Still Trendy?
Founder & CEO of Deelish Brands, Mohamed Moe Ibrahim, manages 2 brands, 1 of which is an American franchise - Fatburger. Are they still trendy and how do you sustain a franchise?

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