Mitsuru Anthony Ueno, Next Meats USA

Mitsuru Anthony Ueno, Next Meats USA

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11 November 2022
Market View: Wayback Burgers' expansion in Asia through WB Burgers Japan, Opportunities in the fast casual restaurant scene, Ability to weather through inflation

Have you thought about what’s for dinner yet? Well, today’s discussion could leave you wanting for a juicy burger to kickstart the weekend.
With over 166 locations across the US, and internationally in countries such as Brunei and Saudi Arabia, American burger chain Wayback Burgers now wants to further expand its footprint in Asia.
The company signed a master franchise agreement through WB Burgers Asia Incorporation, a publicly traded holding company of WB Burgers Japan Company to open 60 Wayback locations in Asia within 20 years. The brand opened its first branch in Tokyo back in March this year and is now setting its sights on Singapore.
On Market View, Prime Time's finance presenter Chua Tian Tian sat down with Mitsuru Anthony Ueno, COO of WB Burgers Japan and COO of Next Meats USA to find out more about the opportunities in the fast casual restaurant scene in Asia.

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