Manny Lisbona, PNB Securities (Manila)

Manny Lisbona, PNB Securities (Manila)

19 August 2020
Across the ASEAN: Persistent COVID-driven Headwinds for Philippine Markets
The PSEi has continued to fall as the country overtook Indonesia as having the most number of COVID-19 infections in Southeast Asia. PNB Securities' President Manny Lisbona joined us on Across the ASEAN to discuss the state of Philippine markets, the proposal to implement a debt moratorium and why the Philippine peso has been so strong despite the economic uncertainty.

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27 May 2020
Across the ASEAN: The Philippines Prepares for Easing Community Quarantine Measures
June 1 is when the Philippine government begins easing Enhanced Community Quarantine Measures, which were in place since March to try and contain the COVID-19 pandemic's spread. But with cases and deaths still creeping up, is there a risk of a second wave of infections, and what might this mean for markets in Manila? Manny Lisbona, President of PNB Securities, joined us on Across the ASEAN, to discuss.

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