Manjot Singh Mann, M1

Manjot Singh Mann, M1

Manjot Singh Mann

13 May 2024
Mind Your Business: From lines to leadership - The Mann who sketches his own path
In this episode of Mind Your Business, we speak with the CEO of M1, looking at his innovative strategies, unwavering commitment to progress, and the transformative vision that is shaping the future of the industry.
Discover how his leadership is not just steering M1 through change but propelling it to new heights of success in an ever-evolving landscape.
Here's our conversation with Manjot Singh Mann, CEO, M1 Limited.
Presented by Ryan Huang and Emaad Akhtar
This podcast is produced and edited by Anthea Ng (
She produces Mind Your Business, Biz-How-To and Breakfast Special segments on the Breakfast Show.
Do contact her for topics: C-Suite, SME, Startups, Healthtech, Sustainability, Property, Intergenerational Family Business, Industry Outlook, Fintech and trending businesses in town.

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With the acceleration of tech adoption across all industries, the pressure is also on for telcos to digitally transform themselves in order to operate and deliver greater value in this digital age. Howie Lim speaks to Manjot Singh Mann, CEO of M1 which espouses to be Singapore’s first truly digital network provider.

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