Manisha Seewal, Carro &

Manisha Seewal, Carro &

18 June 2020
Influence: Singapore’s First Contactless Car Buying Service
Carro, Southeast Asia’s largest automotive marketplace announces the launch of its contactless purchase service that enabled consumers to buy pre-owned vehicles with no face-to-face interaction. Michelle Martin speaks to Manisha Seewal, Group CMO of Carro to discuss Carro’s value proposition, what it means for consumers and their business strategy going forward.

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Influence: Manisha Seewal, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Carro
Do you want to own a car but are worried about annual car depreciation and unexpected expenses like repairs, roadside assistance and insurance premiums? Southeast Asia’s largest automotive marketplace, Carro, has launched the first subscription-based car service in Singapore where users can own and change cars based on their changing needs. All you need to pay is a flat monthly car ownership subscription fee between $1,199 to $1,999. What’s more? No questions will be asked about minor wear and tear, dents, or scratches when you return the car at the end of the term. Manisha Seewal, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Carro weighs in.

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