Luigi La Tona, StorHub Self Storage

Luigi La Tona, StorHub Self Storage

Luigi La Tona

13 December 2023
Why It Matters: Small homes drive self-storage investments in Asia Pacific
Why is self-storage space rental high in demand in Singapore and Asia Pacific?
That's because rents for small homes, increasing affluence and work-from-home practices in Asia have fuelled demand for self-storage and piqued investor interest in the nascent sector.
Luigi La Tona, Group Director of Operations, StorHub shares what that means for the future of self-storage in Singapore, as living arrangements continue to evolve post-pandemic.

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8 June 2022
Why It Matters: The future of self storage in Singapore
Storage facilities help alleviate some of the pressure that people face when it comes to managing their living space. During the Covid-19 pandemic, where people had to work from home, they came face to face with the clutter in their houses and were more inclined to use these storage facilities. The lack of space in small but expensive apartments in Singapore is another motivating factor. Even for businesses these spaces are used to keep inventory.

Luigi La Tona, CEO (Singapore), StorHub Self Storage talks to us about the current uses and future of self storage in Singapore.

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20 January 2020
StorHubs rebrand to serve customers better
StorHub was the first to introduce the self storage concept to Singapore in 2003 and is now the largest operator in the country with 13 conveniently located facilities. They offer individuals and businesses a range of reliable and secure storage solutions to resolve storage challenges at home or in the office. Luigi Latona, Chief Operating Officer, StorHub talks about the company’s business model and how much it would cost for you to rent space with StorHub.

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