Louis Ng, Member of Parliament

Louis Ng, Member of Parliament

17022023 BF - Louis Ng

17 February 2023
Morning Shot: Are Budget 2023 parent support measures bold enough?
Budget 2023 focused largely on strengthening Singapore's social compact, with a slew of new support measures targeted at parents. But are they bold enough?
Louis Ng, Member of Parliament of Nee Soon GRC who's also a father of three shares his take.

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Presenter: Lynlee Foo
Producer: Yeo Kai Ting (ykaiting@sph.com.sg)

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1:04 - What are your thoughts on more paid paternity leave?

1:42 - So what do you think - how much is enough really? Is for four weeks enough or should we get four months for fathers as well?

2:21 - How about mothers, do you think the current 16 weeks is enough?

2:59 - So apart from paid leave, there are also a number of other financial initiatives for parents. Are there any challenges you foresee in implementing these initiatives, especially for employers?

3:37 - Share with us your own experience with raising children - how are the challenges faced by parents evolving?

4:28 - Especially during the COVID time we really felt the need for more leave to take care of our children right?

5:02 - Let's talk about help for single unwed parents. That's another segment of the population that you've talked about in Parliament. Aside from what's already in place, how else can the government better help these single unwed parents?

6:25 -  How far do you think these new initiatives go in solving some of those things that you've just mentioned?

6:57 - Moving ahead - as a parent, which other areas, on top of those that you've mentioned, are you hoping that the government will look into gaps that may not have been covered this time around in Budget 2023?

7:52 - And one more thing that is definitely good news in a sense, the lapse of foreign domestic worker levy tax relief, right?

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